Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Welcome To The Left's Carny Show


Ever been to a real live carnival and watched the barkers lure the rubes in? The basic premise is always one of illusion, which means distracting people from reality with the promise of something special to see or the winning of a prize playing one of the 'games of chance' while taking them for as much as you can. Let's go to the carny show and have some fun, shall we?

Step right up! Here's your chance and we have some great  exhibits.

Here's exhibit number one....Donald Trump's phony charity, especially towards veterans.

He didn't raise any $6 million, and he held on to the money he did raise for too long, right? He lied! He only raised $5.6 million, including $1 million he kicked in himself.

Look over here, not at that other booth housing the Clinton Foundation exhibit.Trust me, folks, there's nothing you want to see there!

Oh, OK let's take a look anyway if you really feel you must. Aw, c'mon...do we really need to watch  what Mr. Trump and a certain Marine combat vet have to say?

Oh my...let's make sure we cut the Marine out when we show this on CNN, m'kay? Just leave in the part about him bullying a reporter and calling him a sleaze. Yeah, that's the story.

Oh and you don't want to look at this part of the Clinton exhibit either....well if you must, you must. Yeah, these are just boring figures from Form 990 charities use to report their figures. Trust me, it's...well, OK. Some guy named Don Surber put this stuff together...damned bloggers.


The [Clinton] foundation’s latest Form 990 shows that as of December 31, 2014, Hillary and Bill and Chelsea and their hedge fund son-in-law sat on $439,505,295 in assets. That's pretty good for a "non-profit."

In 2014, they received $24,313,685 in contributions and $113,957,283 in grants, including government grants.

That $439 million in assets is 17 times larger than that $25 million hedge fund that son-in-law ran into the ground by hedging on Greek debt. That $439 million represents a hefty investment fee for some person or company lucky enough to land the account.

The foundation spent $248,221,698 in 2014:

$95,887,139 on salaries and benefits.

$20,786,529 on travel.

$17,249,876 on professional and consulting services.

$14,200,147 on conferences and events.

$14,196,240 on UNITAID commodities expense

$13,519,824 on meetings and training.

Et cetera. Oh and $33,692,599 was spent on direct program expenditures. Sure, this is all legal, but as a charity, this is not on the up and up. The Clintons used this as a way to launder foreign donations (which would be illegal if they were campaign donations) to finance her campaign in absentia.

See, I told you it was boring. It wasn't ? But hey, LOOK AT DONALD TRUMP'S FOUNDATION!

His latest Form 990 as of 2012 shows $1,259,851 in income, all from Trump. $1,712,089 in disbursements to various charities, and a total of $1,717,293, in assets. Looky at all the expenses! What's this $5,305? Oh, just the audit cost, and Trump paid for it himself based on the figures? Sounds fishy to me. Like I said, this is real news, not the stuff about the Clinton Foundation. Just forget about that, OK?

Let's go to the next exhibit...hey, the bogus Trump University! What a scandal huh? Donald Trump fleecing all those poor people, no wonder he's being sued. No, don't go back to the Clinton exhibit. You don't need to know about CGI University and the Clintons, it's nothing important. trust me. No one's interested in that. No one important, anyway.

And no, please don't go back there behind the curtain! OK, so the Trump University thing is a little exaggerated. Quiet down, let's keep this between ourselves and I'll level with you, OK?

Turns out this got started after Trump refused to donate to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's campaign in spite of repeated 'suggestions.' It's just a coincidence, honest that Trump was slapped with a $40 million law suit by Schneiderman after that against Trump University in 2013 charging fraud. Would I lie? Now who did donate to Schneiderman were some lawyers from a law firm named Robbins, Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP.

The next step was a U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel who certified a class action suit and selected two law firms, long time Democrat bundlers and contributors and both heavy Clinton donors to find plaintiffs and represent the class action case against Trump University. The two firms were - wait for it - Robbins, Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP and Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck LLP.

Did I mention that Judge Curiel was a long time Democrat activist and an Obama appointee, one of those judges Democrat majority leader Senator Harry Reid shoved through via the nuclear option? Oh, you knew that, really?

Well, I'll tell you, once those lawyers started trolling for plaintiffs, a whole crowd of folks responded wanting to be part of the suit. OK, OK, gimmee a break, so yeah, it was only six plaintiffs, and the judge allowed three of them to withdraw from the class action after they panicked and realized that rather than the easy payday the lawyers told them about they could be liable for costs instead.

The main plaintiff, a yoga instructor named Tarla Makaeff wanted out as well, and believe it or not, Judge Curiel has ruled that after six years of litigation, she can leave because the judge says her deposition for her lawyers is sufficient for Trump's lawyers to defend the case ...no cross examination, no deposition by Trump's attorneys, no nothing.

But let's move on, because here's our main exhibit - Donald Trump the bigot!


Oh Yeah! How dare he insinuate that Judge Curiel might not give him a fair trial just because of the judges ethnicity! All the judge did was to rule that a plaintiff Trump's lawyers have built their case on need not be deposed or cross examined by them, and to unilaterally decide to unseal court documents 'by mistake' without redacting them for personal information at the request of The Washington Post, including plaintiff accusations against Trump University.

Everybody knows how impartial judges are, right? OK, this judge has made a few errors that would probably lead to a reversal on appeal of any verdict he delivers, but we're all only human, aren't we?

Oh, the La Raza thing. You heard about that huh? Well you know, it's just a civil rights group. In Spanish, it means 'the people' that's all.

Oh you ummm, speak Spanish. And you say 'the people' in Spanish would be 'la gente' or 'el pueblo' which means literally the town, and is also used to mean 'the community.' OK, so La Raza means the race. So what?

OK,OK...so it's not a civil rights group, not really. So maybe Judge Curiel, aside from being a very leftist Democrat is a long time pro-Amnesty and pro open borders activist. That doesn't mean he isn't impartial. What difference does that make. Just look at Judge Vaughn Walker in California on same sex marriage. Wasn't he impar...bad example, forget I said that.

But look at Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, remember how she said that a wise Latina would...better forget about that one too.

So what you're telling me essentially is this...that what Donald Trump is saying is that Judge Curiel is likely to be biased against him and not treat him fairly because the judge is a rabid, partisan Democrat and Trump is the Republican nominee in an election year? And because the judge is very leftist Latino who is against border control and an end to illegal migration? Is that it?

Who ever heard of such a crackpot idea? That's crazy talk!

You know, you really annoy me. We spent a lot of time and money putting this show together and you go and ruin it for everybody. Get out and don't come back.

No refunds either, read the sign. Racists!


Roland said...

Maybe you should direct this to people like Ryan and Gingrich, who've both called Trump's comments on this judge (who was appointed by a GOP governor, btw) the 'textbook definition of racism'.

This morning Hugh Hewitt outlined how the republicans could deny Trump the nomination through procedure. He's worried that this might be the last nominee the republicans ever put up before they go the way of the Whigs, and I can't blame him for thinking so.

I am rooting for Hillary in the fall, so I have every interest in Trump staying in. But I don't think any party is good without serious opposition. I should be gleeful at all the republicans using the word 'disaster' today, but it feels like a strangely hollow victory.


Rob said...

Actually, Judge Curiel was appointed to this position by Barack Hussein Obama. He was one of the Leftist, partisan judges shoved through because Mitch McConnell refused to emulate Harry Reid and use the nuclear option.

Given his political views on amnesty for illegal migrants and open borders as well as his conduct during the trial, yes, it's pretty obvious he's biased. Any 'verdict' he renders will be easily overturned on appeal for the reasons I gave. The media, of course, is concentrating on Trump's mention of his ethnicity rather than on Judge Curiel's political views and associations.

Actually while Gingrich called it a mistake, it was only Paul Ryan who referred to it as 'racism.' The dairy farmers in Ryan's district and his other donors like the DC lobby The Club for Growth whom love the continued flow of cheap labor across our borders have a great deal to do with Ryan's opinions on this and other matters. Barack Obama could not have wished for a more servile, enabling Speaker to replace John Boehner.

You have it exactly right when it comes to the GOP. The party is totally divorced from most of its voters, whom are fed up with being scammed and lied to repeatedly at election time. This will be their last election in their current form anyway. Either Donald Trump and others like him will rebuild and reform the party utterly, or it will fall apart.

If Trump is denied his legitimate nomination by the party establishment, the backlash will be severe as many of the record number of voters whom supported Trump in the primaries sit home, including many crossover Democrats. Even a lot of Republicans whom don't care for Trump are wary about that, because they understand what it ultimately means.

That doesn't bother people like Hugh Hewitt, the GOP establishment or the #neverTrump crowd. They're fine with Ready For Hillary because they figure it will be business as usual.

They couldn't be more wrong. Mrs. Clinton will appoint three radical SCOTUS Justices, legalize millions of illegal migrant voters and bring in millions of unvetted Muslim 'refugees' as she's already said she would.

The Republican party will never win another major election again. For the brief time they linger on, they will be talking to themselves as powerless comic villains to be unearthed every election cycle. Think Wiley Coyote.

So if that happens, they and you will get your wish. But once you have a corrupt, predatory snake like Mrs.Clinton in the Oval Office, I guarantee you won't be happy with the results.