Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Whose To Blame For Orlando?


A few separate events, all in the same few days...a man guns down 50 people in an Orlando, Florida night club, another man is arrested in Sacramento, California with a list of targets, still another man is shot dead by police after taking hostages in Amarillo, Texas, and still another man murdered two people in Magnanville, France and posted picture of the murders on Facebook.

Is there a thread connecting these incidents? Why of course there is, JFA, Jihad for Allah. And Ramadan is a special time for this kind of activity.


Of course, the usual suspects would not want any mention of that sort of thing! The news media, our president, the presumed Democrat nominee and the Leftist punditocracy had far more interesting things to blame...America's supposed lack of gun control and in the case of Orlando, homophobia, of course. The execrable New York Daily News actually ran a photo of the carnage with the headline 'Thanks, NRA' while the head of our misnamed Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson said that disarming Americans is now a matter of national security badly needed to keep Americans safe.

You literally can't make this stuff up.

The 'gun control' argument is ludicrous in and of itself. One of the Orlando victims actually texted his mother to tell her goodbye because the jihadi was coming towards him. Rest assured that young man would have given anything he owned for a loaded, working firearm in his hand and the ability to use it at that tragic, life ending moment.

Jihadis like Omar Mateen as well as ordinary criminals will always be able to obtain guns by theft, smuggling, buying them on the black market or even by making guns themselves. They could care less about laws. France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, but that didn't stop jihadis from killing over a hundred disarmed people in Paris using fully auto AK47s.

So if guns aren't to blame, how about homophobia? There are a couple of things awry with that. First, we know the following at this point: that Mateen himself was a homosexual whom was actually familiar with the gay nightclub he shot up, and that he also cased several other targets, including Orlando's Disney World.

Thanks to how our media silences certain things about the Religion of Peace, one fact that isn't well known is how certain shaheeds, martyrs are recruited. In 'Palestine' as well as in AfPack and Iraq, young women and yes, homosexuals have been recruited as suicide bombers by jihadis because they are deemed less likely to be caught. In these places, there have been several instances of older women caught setting up young girls to be gang raped and then blackmailed with the choice of redeeming themselves by becoming shaheeds or facing murder by their families in an honor killing. The same thing has been done before with male homosexuals whom face the death penalty if outed, particularly in AfPak.

If Omar Mateen was focusing on murdering gays, there would be no reason for him to scope out other,non-gay targets. His first wife, school classmate and second wife have both revealed that it was known that Omar was homosexual and that he had perused gay dating sites on the internet. Rather than outright Muslim homophobia, I think it's likely he was outed and blackmailed. And then, since Disney World has fairly tight security, he simply picked the softer target, one where he was known and was familiar with.

In any event, since the Obama Administration has already imported almost one million Muslims 'refugees' and increasing from countries where homophobia, along with other things incompatible with a free society is an established part of the culture and the religion and since Mrs. Clinton is quite open about wanting to increase those numbers if she's elected, isn't it a bit awkward of them to bash homophobia verbally in America while working so hard to increase it? Of course, the media isn't going to ask them such an awkward question. And of course, it's definitely a question homosexuals ought to be asking themselves before they vote Democrat, but I digress.

So, if we can't blame guns and homophobia, what's left? Can we blame Islam? ISIS? I don't think so, not really.

The men and women we're discussing (and that includes Mateen's spouse, who admits she knew the attack was imminent but said nothing to the police)are merely doing what the Qu'ran and their imams have told them to do for fourteen hundred years. And ISIS is just the latest player.

After all, if you import lots of poisonous snakes and settle them on your property, is it fair to complain if they behave according to their nature? Especially if you spread them around the country without telling anyone they just might be poisonous, and threaten anyone whom dares complain with the full weight of Big Government? That's exactly what's been happening,and while the Obama Regime has been facilitating this on steroids, it's not new.

The theory behind this after 9/11 and a few other 'man created tragedies' was that we needed to be especially nice to Muslims and Muslim countries so that Islam could go through a reformation and become more 'moderate.'

Well, it worked. Except not as planned, saddiq. Instead of becoming more moderate whatever that actually meant, Islam's reformation went in the opposite direction to become even closer to Mohammed's original 7th century blueprint. And why not? We actually encouraged it.

Three presidents, all of whom were two termers facilitated a devil's bargain made by the Sunni monarchs with Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood in particular. Provided they didn't operate on their turf, the Sunni monarchs were more than willing to finance dawa, proselytization by the Muslim Brotherhood in the West. That meant funding CAIR, The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), The North American Islamic Trust(NAIT) which later morphed into the Islamic Trust of North America(ITNA), The Muslim Students Association(MSA) and a whole slew of Muslim Brotherhood front groups. If any of the names sound familiar, it's because they were all named as unindicted conspirators for giving material aid to terrorism in the Holy Land Foundation trial, and most of the heads of these organizations would be in jail right now if it wasn't for Eric Holder and the Obama Administration protecting them by refusing to prosecute them.

The Sunni monarchies also financed the Brotherhood in the buy out of most of America's existing mosques either by outright purchase, new construction or by offering these small mosques new buildings or a refit of their existing ones plus all kinds of funding, provided the Brotherhood got to pick the imams and religious teachers. One of the major donors to this site is a devout Muslim, American patriot and former Marine Lt. Colonel who emigrated here as a teen from Turkey and earned his citizenship in our military. He saw exactly that happen to his local mosque and now prays at home.

If you ever wondered about the source of what our Dear Leader recently called 'home grown radicalization,' there's a big part of the answer. All one needs to do is follow the chain of events behind attacks like the ones in Boston, Little Rock, Fort Hood, Sacramento and now Orlando.


And it wasn't only the mosques and madrassahs. The Saudis and their fellow Sunni monarchs spent money buying up the Middle East Studies departments of many major universities, and also spent lavishly on what I call the Golden Flying Carpet, where compliant diplomats and politicians were rewarded after they left office with lucrative business opportunities, six figure speaking fees, honorariums and 'consulting fees' and other monetary rewards.

And there were and are eager recipients on both sides of the aisle. Remember 'Portgate' when President George W. Bush wanted to turn our port security at 22 major over to a company owned by the Emir of Dubai, a country with a long history of financing and facilitating jihad? Aside from the president's efforts on behalf of the Emir of Dubai to twist the arms of congress on this one, a whole brigade of ex-presidents, former cabinet members and influential pols swarmed all over our legislators, including Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton's 'consulting fee' was half a million US dollars, and interested parties can also research how Bill Clinton got seriously wealthy after leaving the White House thanks to a 'business opportunity he was given by the Emir of Qatar. And who funds Jimmy Carter's six figure salary from the Carter Peace Foundation.


For that matter, it was the Saudis who funded the lion's share of George W. Bush's huge presidential library at SMU, and it was Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who recently claimed to have financed 20% of Mrs. Clinton's campaign, something the Saudis were quick to deny in the wake of recent events, claiming the prince had been 'misquoted.' Although this item would seem to contradict that.

I recite these sorry facts merely as a possible explanation of certain otherwise inexplicable things that have happened over the last quarter century of so.

Ever train a puppy? If you have, you know that it's vital to correct the dog when he misbehaves and to praise him when he behaves properly. If you praise him and reward him no matter what he does, the bad behavior not only continues, it accelerates. Eventually, it graduates from urinating in the house and chewing shoes to biting you as he loses respect for you and decides he's in control.

That's where we are now, like it or not. What's next?

While there are certainly individual Muslims capable of playing well with others, Islam is not. And it isn't going to change, not without major, real world natural consequences. Reverting to the time-honored homily that most Muslims are peaceful may be true, but a significant number of Muslims aren't, and many of the rest seem  curiously reluctant to oppose them in any major way, just like our dysfunctional leadership. We have to start from that premise, and as he has a habit of doing, it was Donald Trump who first fingered this as the beginning of solving the problem, something he was demonized for by the President, Mrs. Clinton and a number of 'conservative' Republicans like Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Lamar Alexander, and Bob Corker.

Trump's correct that the main problem is weak leadership, but along with that, it is the West and particularly the United States that needs a major change of attitude and an end to inaction. That's going to mean more than a temporary ban on Muslim migration and building a wall.

This website's original subtitle was and remains 'A Digest And Commentary On The War Against Jihad.' Over ten years later, it is a war we have barely begun to fight, and even today, we concentrate of the fallacy of defensive war, of reaction, something General Douglas MacArthur once succinctly and correctly defined in one word: defeat.

 The US has dealt in the past with fanatical enemies as well as potential fifth columnists on its soil with great success. The way we did it was not by using half measures. When even the idea of a jihadist attack on America or its allies becomes unthinkable because of the dire consequences it involves, that attacks will stop.

That's exactly what we're going to have to do to defeat the Death Cult much of Islam has become.

And to return to our theme, who's really to blame for Orlando and the other atrocities committed on out soil? Time to look in the mirror. After all, whom was it that elected our current excuse for leadership over the last two decades or so? And whom has continued to enable it?

Here's something from someone I consider a master of the English language:

"You can always trust the American people to do the right thing - eventually."

Churchill had also seen a stagnant, reality ignoring Britain in action and the real sign of change came when he was elected its leader. In a few months, we'll see whether America is ready for that kind of change.

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