Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Media Falls Right Into Trump's Trap on Voter Fraud!

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This is so funny it's pathetic.They simply will never learn.

Donald Trump made a point of stating that voter fraud probably cost him the popular vote. Now I admit, my first reaction was 'why bother bringing that up now?'

And then I realized this was President Trump simply playing with the media again! It's really at the point where if President Trump says anything, the Democrats and their trained seals in the media go absolutely insane ad nauseum about his 'lies.' Even after they've been outed and made fools of time and again, it's so reflexive they keep doing it anyway.

Watch as they attack Sean Spicer and fall right into the trap:

"Wouldn't you want to investigate a scandal of those proportions? Why wouldn't you want to investigate this?"

Your wish is President Trump's command, madame!

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will launch a ‘major’ investigation to look into voter fraud in the country.

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and….even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time),” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.

“Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

The Democrats of course, tried quickly to head this off on fake news media, claiming that just investigating voter fraud will somehow lead to 'voter suppression. But sorry boys, too late. If the Democrat media insists on an investigation, President Trump is happy to oblige. How can they possibly complain about and investigation they demanded? And when that DOJ investigation finds voter fraud (and believe me, it will) how can they complain about actions congress takes to "strengthen up voting procedures?"

The Democrats know very well that while it might not be 2-3 million, there's a fair amount of voter fraud that they depend on to win close elections.

One Democrat who knows it is Alan Schulkin, the Commissioner of the Board of Election of New York City, filmed here on a hidden camera by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas:

And that's just in New York City.

As I pointed out here, there no real telling just how many votes Donald Trump actually got:

Remember Jill Stein's Hillary Clinton backed recount attempt? Originally, it was ordered in the State of Michigan by U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith, an Obama appointee even though Stein had no standing since there was no way a recount would have affected her. She proceeded to file suit in two other states Trump won, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And then suddenly, the whole scam ground to a halt, with Goldsmith hurriedly reversing himself.

That happened after Trump started gaining votes in all three states...and clear evidence of voter fraud was found in Wayne County affecting over 37% of the precincts in Detroit showing more votes than there were registered voters,which is why Judge Goldsmith was happy to reverse himself and let sleeping dogs lie. Similar evidence was found in Wisconsin (Dane County) and Philadelphia, but since recounts were never really started in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, we have no clue as to how many votes Trump may have actually gotten.

There was also evidence of voter fraud in Clark County (Las Vegas)Nevada, where most of the states illegal migrants live. Trump lost Nevada by only 26,434 votes, but naturally, we'll never know if he actually did.

California,with the largest population of illegal migrants in America has significant voter fraud and has for some time. Illegal migrants can easily get a driver's licenses with only a matricula consular card from Mexican consulates, which don't check details too closely, especially if you give the clerk a little something for his trouble. Getting a license or registering a vehicle automatically registers you to vote, and there are no voter ID laws in California...the poll worker simply asks you name, finds you on the list and gives you your ballot. The Democrat ruled state rarely purges its registration rolls for move aways or dead people, and also pushes note by mail and absentee ballots rigorously. My late mother passed away in 2015,but she got her absentee ballot for 2016, mailed to her at a house I own where she used to live.

Depending on results? Oh I think they'll find some results. maybe not two or three million, but enough to justify laws to "strengthen up voting procedures."

And that isn't going to turn out well for the Democrats, no, not st all.

Which if course is exactly what the President wants and had planned all along.



Anonymous said...

If this is the brainiac you're depending upon to to expose how the 0.000001% of voter fraud that goes on in this country equals 3 million people, I think you might have it the other way round. Trump just got his foot caught in a monster trap here.

Rob said...

Oh, I think Alan Shulkin might shed some light if he's subpoenaed.

And then, there's this:

I don't credit fake news sources like Mediaite or CNN for very much. And you forget, there's already evidence of substantial voter fraud in the Democrat-run urban fifedoms I mentioned. When the dust settles, we may find at least a million fraudulent votes.

After Trump takes measures to close those loopholes and deports a significant number of illegal migrants, just watch how the political map changes.

What I say is, let him laugh who wins.