Sunday, April 18, 2021

Wondering What's Behind All The Recent Shootings?? Here's The Answer

 Federal Judge's Husband Shot, Son Killed By Gunman ...



As many of you may have noticed, there have been a great number of recent shootings...Boulder, FedEx, this one, that one, all within a very short time. All of them have been heavily publicized by what passes for the Mainstream Media. Have you ever wondered why? After all, there have been plenty of shootings for some time in places like Chicago, New York City, Baltimore,Memphis, Detroit, you name it. And these have never been publicized much at all aside from some brief snippets.

Have you ever wondered why? And why now? It's actually not that hard to figure out.

First, many of the shootings in the places I mentioned have been done by criminals of a certain demographic, usually during a crime. For that reason and because most of these are Democrat ruled cities with very strict gun control laws, the media either doesn't think they merit much attention or feels there is a good reason not to publicize them...except if a hapless police officer is involved and the Police officer is not a part of the above mentioned demographic and the victim (usually a criminal who attacked a police officer or otherwise resisted arrest IS a member of the demographic we're talking about. Then, it gets publicized to death. But otherwise, it pretty much stays fairly unpublicized except for a brief mention

So why are all these shootings new being publicized now?

Let's take a trip back in time where the answer is, shall we? When Adolf Hitler became Germany's chancellor, all of a sudden there was a great deal of violence between Hitler's Brown shirts and the German communists...street riots, shootings, violent confrontations, you name it. And finally, the burning of the Reichstag where the German parliament met. It's known now that the Nazis did the actual deed but they found a communist activist to blame it on who was executed afterwards.

Needless to say,  the German Parliament and the German public were quite frightened by what was going on and the collapse of law and order. Which is when Adolf Hitler addressed them in a meeting of the full Parliament. His speech basically condemned the decline in law and order and how it must be restored. He then told the Parliament that he could do this, but in order to be successful, he needed a period where he could ignore the German constitution and bring law and order back.

Adolf Hitler wasn't one to let a good crisis go to waste. He promptly brought the law he wanted passed, the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act) to a vote in the newly elected Reichstag. It was designed to give Hitler's cabinet full legislative powers for four years and allow him to ignore Germany's constitution. It passed by a vote of 441–84. 

Guess what were some of the first things he did? Aside from essentially prohibiting the other parties and confiscating their treasuries, and jailing or murdered any of those he considered political opponents, especially but not limited to  communists, guess what? He also disarmed almost all of the German populace except for those who either supported him or were under his command or control.

 Lenin did something similar once the Bolsheviks took over and the White Russian Army disintegrated.

Now let's move forward a bit, to current times. Think about what is going on in Washington DC just know, right as these multiple shooting are being publicized to the hilt.  

Essentially, aside from wanting to pack the Supreme Court with friendly Left wing Justices for life, Biden and his Democrats want severe gun control nationwide, confiscations on order, heavy taxes on any gun owners who remain, heavy taxes on ammunition and allowing gun manufacturers to be sued at will. Essentially, they want to disarm almost  everyone except their recently purged military, the police (at least those who still are willing to protect their paychecks and pensions by following orders) and of course, Black Lives Matter and the Antifa, who are essentially the new Brown Shirts who will be allowed to operate how they please with immunity. And by having their tame media  publicizing these recent shootings, the White House can use them to scare a certain amount of the American people to shut up and go along and provide  a reason to go ahead with these things. And of course, there are always BLM and Antifa to persuade the others in their usual style. Think back a bit. If you remember, Barack Obama while he was president wanted to put together a "domestic army, just as well trained as our military, just as organized, just as well equipped as our military." Remember?

Another similarity. If you look at the perps in these recent shootings, just like Hitler's communist scapegoat for the Reichstag burning, they are mostly mentally unstable, no one is really investigating or reporting much about them and there doesn't seem to be much else being reported except that 'investigations are proceedings.'

Think about it. 


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Rob Miller

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Crotalus said...

When I think about it, the evidence that comes out after the fact shows the FBI was aware of the shooter. This leads me to think that they’re grooming him for a shooting of their choosing. Yes, I believe the Effing Bee Eye is that corrupt.


How my fellow Jews - in particular - can look at our history, and history more broadly, and then say "But that can't happen here" is beyond me.