Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad In New York....

The pictures here ( OK, except the last one) came from the official Iranian news agency, ISNA...and show how Iranian president Ahmadinejad was feted by a certain portion of the population of New York City. Which leads to another question: who are these people and is the FBI watching them?

I understand that since America hosts the UN, he's entitled to come to New York to address it. But whatI don't understand is why the leader of a nation that's been in a state of war with us since 1979 should have freedom of movement in our country.

Of course, we could take him and other Iranaian diplomats as hostages.....but only a barbaric, fascist nation with no regard for international law would do something like that.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there any way to keep this genocidal dirtbag out of our country? Didn't Guliani manage to kick out Yasser Arafat back in the 90s, or did I just get my history wrong?

By the way, FF, with some artificial coloring (thank god for photoshop), I think the last picture would fit right in.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
When Arafat came to New York to address the UN, he was advised to stay in his hotel, that he would not be afforded police protection by the NYPD or the use of any city facilities or amenities.

When Hizzoner was at Lincoln Center, he saw Arafat there and had the NYPD kick him and his entourage out of the building, telling him he was not welcome to use any city facilities.

It's a pity the current occupant of the White House doesn't have that kind of moral courage.

By international treaty,termites like Arafat and Ahmadinejad are allowed to have visas to come to the UN ( Castro got one too, if you'll recall). But there's no reason such visas cannot be restricted to transit from the airport to the hotel, transit to and from the UN building and back to the airport...with the provisio of instant deportation for violations.

Considering that Iran does not even have diplomatic relations with the US and has been in a state of de facto war with us since 1979, I can't imagine why such a restricted visa was not issued.

As for the photo. yeah, it did fit in nicely, didn't it? Thanks for noticing.


ps: It's long, but read the transcript of the Ahmadinejad interview I have up on the site. Most illuminating...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, FF. I'm very curious about what he had to say.