Thursday, September 06, 2007

Israeli Scientists Make Major Breakthrough In Solar Power

David Faiman, a professor of physics at Israel's Ben Gurion University, shows off a newly developed solar panel used in a solar energy system developed in the Negev desert.

Given their problems obtaining oil,the Israelis have always been interested in alternative sources of power. And with their climate, solar is a natural alternative.

The biggest drawback to solar in terms of price competitiveness with fuel driven power is the large size of the cells needed and the high price of the silicon needed to make them.

The Israeli scientists appear to have made a major breakthrough in solar power technology, using gallium arsenide instead of silicon to make a more efficient and much smaller cell, and utilizing a reflective dish.

"The dish could be put in a sunny backyard and generate most of the home’s utility needs," said David Faiman, a professor of physics at Ben Gurion University who has studied solar energy for 31 years in Israel’s Negev desert.

"The costs per watt are comparable to that of a conventional power plant, but without fuel," Faiman added.

Faiman’s team have designed a reflector made of mirrors that collects and intensifies the light a thousand times over. This concentrated light is directed at the solar panel.

Silicon solar panels both collect and convert sunlight into electricity. The panels Faiman and his team are using can handle the intensified light and convert it into energy with twice the efficiency of ordinary panels, they say. Faiman is working with an Israeli company called Zenith Solar to create a home solar energy system that uses a 107-square-foot reflector dish and make it commercially available.

Imagine that....all the power you need from something that small,and no oil involved.

Now, at least the Arabs have a reason besides racism for wanting Israel out of the picture!

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hi,i.m joey from the philippines.i like this new tech you discover,wish i can learn more of it so i can try and use it in our country.thanks