Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dan Rather Sues CBS/Viacom for $70M

Courage, Dan..........

Y'know, theres an old saying: leave well enough alone. Apparently Dan Rather never learned it.

He's now suing CBS/Viacomfor $70 million over Rathergate, claiming that the network made him a`scapegoat' over the story about President Bush's military service during the Vietnam War that utilized those famous `fake, but accurate' documents.

According to Rather, CBS intentionally botched investigating the `true' story and made him a sacrificial victim to `pacify' the White House. And he claims that if the story wasn't accurate, it wasn't his fault for broadcasting it - even though he was in total control of what was aired on the news program.

Rather is upset also because he claims he was forced to apologize, when it was all CBS' fault.

Of course, the real scapegoats are the story's producer and the three other executives who were fired after a CBS internal review to allow Rather, who was making $6 million a year, to save face and bow out gracefully after he violated every principle of journalistic ethics, libeled President Bush and attempted to influence a presidential election using phony sources and documents.

I would have thought Rather would have been happy to crawl back into the crevice from which he came, but apparently he's going to be around as a blogger target for awhile longer....

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