Monday, September 17, 2007

Frivolous Corrie Lawsuit Dismissed

Some of you are familiar with Rachel Corrie, one of the postergirls of the `anti-Zionist' Left. She was accidentally killed when getting in the way of an Israeli bulldozer involved in collapsing tunnels used to smuggle arms and explosives to Palestinian terrorists involved in murdering Israel's civilian population, and was part of the International Solidarity Movement,(ISM) which really, really likes the idea of killing of Israeli civilians as a `tactic for liberation'.

The myth of Corrie's death as a `peace activist' has been a real goldmine, both ideologically and financially. She's been the subject of a hit play in London, and become a small time cottage industry with a plethora of tee shirts, hats, posters and watches being sold with her image...which of course looks very different than the above ABC news photo of a screaming, hate filled haridan burning an American flag at a Hamas rally. There was even a fundraising `tour' by her parents.

In an effort to raise even more cash out of their daughter's death, the Corries decided to take Caterpillar, the American company that manufactures the bulldozers used by Israel to court and filed a wrongful death lawsuit, on the grounds that Caterpillar knew or should have known the Israeli government would use the bulldozer to commit `human rights violations' and therefore Caterpillar should be civilly liable.

This attempt to raid the deep pockets of an American company failed dismally, as the case was dismissed as being without merit by none other than the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Rachel Corrie hated America and was nothing less than a classic Jew hater, which she attempted to mask by turning it into `anti-Zionism'. I'd like to feel sympathy for her demise,but frankly, I think she's better off and doing less harm by not being around.

I do feel a certain sympathy for her parents. They obviously share Rachel Corrie's sentiments, but they did spend a lot of tee shirt, poster and merchandise money on this lawsuit.

As a gesture of sympathy, I thought I'd contribute my own idea for merchandising her image so that the Corries can recoup a bit: (scroll down)

Her real image, that is. Somehow, I just have a feeling this would sell.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be a hit, FF!

Anonymous said...

This case must have been a REALLT, REALLY weak case. The courts WABT to decide against big corporations. They WANT to hurt American businesses. I have no doubt that these judges stayed up all night for many nights as long as this case went on trying to find SOME WAY, ANT WAY to decide against Caterpillar. The fact that they were unable to do it indicates that this case is obviously extremely weak. Also, congratulations should be extended to Caterpillar's legal team.

The Rachel Corrie case indicates why there are so many anti-Americans and anti-Semites. It is incredibly profitable and generally costs nothing or very little. It seems Corrie's family has made a tremendous amount of money selling items associated with her. This does not surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nazar...I think so too!

Hi Poster,
Actually, lawsuits do cost money,and since the Corries lost, I hope Caterpillar countersues for the company's legal expenses in defeating this bogus suit, as they're allowed to do by law.

Either way, I just figured that I'd help them recoup some of whatthey spent,nice guy that I am...

Anonymous said...

i would like to send the corries my sentiments as well.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well that's a real bulldozer of a point, Louie! Sorta steamrollers the opposition, if you know what I mean...

BTW, welcome back.Weekend Monkey was bragging to me that he had you jailed for fraud because of that bogus check you sent his presidential campaign,but perhaps he was mistaken.

All Good Things,

Anonymous said...

aside from almost giving myself a heat stroke climbing camelback mtn. in phoenix over labor day weekend (109 def F) and having to re-map my hardrive due to a bad sector causing me to lose all my settings/info for a third time this year, i am slowly getting back up to speed.
but i haven't gone any where.
i have been lurking at j/p.
reading your essays and shaking my head back and forth wondering what is happening to what i remember as a great nation/society and actually being afraid of the future that is being mapped out for me.
as for monkey boy, writing a check is so dinosaur. wait 'til i start using one of his campaign credit cards i got hold of. maybe i'll send him a postcard.........maybe not!!!!!!!

Freedom Fighter said...

Don't write us off yet, Louie. Lots of people have made that mistake and lived to regret it.

If you believe, as I do that our beloved Republic is the beneficiary of a divine providence,
you have to have confidence in America, and historically that confidence has been justified.

This is a special place,and we will yet turn things around. That's not an excuse for complacency, just optomism based on my basic faith in my fellow countrymen and what this nation stands for.

Even Weekend Monkey agrees with me on that one, in spite of all the prejudice he's had to endure during his presidential campaign.

Don't take the card to could end up as OJ's cellmate!!