Thursday, September 06, 2007

How The Arab Lobby Works

Some of you may be familiar with Edward Abington, former counsel general at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. This retired diplomat has published numerous op-eds and appeared in places like CNN and PBS touted as a `Middle East Expert', and is usually identified solely by his title as a `former Counsel General.'

In fact, he's a paid shill for the Palestinians, has been on their payroll for years and is a registered lobbyist for them...something that's rarely mentioned in his public appearances.

After he left the State Department, Abington took a job as chief lobbyist for Yasir Arafat and the PLO that paid $750,000 a year,which should give you a good idea where that humanitarian aid they receive from the US and the UN goes. So much for the `starving Palestinians' hmmm?

Abington's employment came out in the open today in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terrorist funding trial, where as the former ambassador did a job for his employers and spoke in passionate defense of the Hamas linked Holy Land Foundation .

Abington described Hamas as a "radical fundamentalist" group, but rejected the term Islamist to describe them.

Abington also testified that he found information from Shin Bet and other Israeli intelligence agencies to be unreliable and believed the Israelis have an "agenda" to "influence US thinking."

This, from a well paid lobbyist who got a hefty salary from Arafat and the PLO to influence US thinking!

He also accused Israel of using documents seized at Arafats' headquarters during the Israeli military offensive launched by Israel in response to homicide bombings in April 2002, as propaganda material "to undermine the reputation of the Palestinian Authority"... as if that were possible. These include actual invoices for monies paid by Arafat to homicide bombers for `expenses'. Documents seized from the PLO headqurters in Ramallah have been presented as evidence, along with testimony from Israeli security officials who testified anonymously.

During cross examination, prosecutor Barry Jonas brought out the fact that Abington was a paid lobbyist for the Palestinians who $750,000 a year during seven years as the chief lobbyist for the PLO, and later the Palestinian Authority, after he left the State Department. Just before he resigned from the State department in 1999, , Abington negotiated a $400 million deal between the State Department and Yasser Arafat.

Anyone want to bet that Abington either (a) received a commission from Arafat on the money or (b) was already on the payroll when he was still working for the US government? This was the official diplomatic representative of the US in Israel. And you wonder why many Israelis have a jaundiced view of the US State Department?

That's how the Arab lobby works in the US...they find a despicable prostitute for sale with connections in government and bribe him, either with a salary, with outrageous speaking and `consulting fees' like ex-president Clinton, by endowing a university chair if he's an academic or by funding a foundation that pays a hefty salary to the head honcho, as in the case of ex-president Jimmy Carter.

You have to be a very uncommon part of the human species to work for Islamic terrorists who murderer women and children against your own country.


Soccer Dad said...

There are quite a few government officials who toe the Arab line because of the lucrative or prominent position that awaits them when they finish their government service.
Funny, but Walt and Mearsheimer didn't describe them as working against American interests.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi SD,
I'm not surprised...I mean,who do you think Walt and Mearsheimer are working for, if you follow the money trail far enough?

Soccer Dad said...

Actually Mearsheimer (or whichever one is from Harvard) is owned by Jewish money. He holds a chair endowed by the Belfer family.
The Belfer who endowed the chair said that he disapproved of Mearsheimer's thesis but was not going to anything about funding him.

Freedom Fighter said...

I thought they were both from Harvard.

Interesting though. I disagree with the Belfer position on this, given the anti-Semitic nature of the `thesis'.

The possibility remains that Mearshimer and Walt may in fact have received money from Arab sources. It would be interesting to investigate that.

Free Israel said...

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