Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Syria Continues To Assasinate Its Way To Control Of Lebanon

It's odd, but in a strange way, the Syrians too seem to be playing their version of the game of `Arab democracy' killing off the opposition so they can `democratically' take control of Lebanon with who's left.

Today's murder victims included Antoine Ghanem, a 64-year-old member of the Christian Phalange party, who was killed by a bomb set off at rush hour on a busy street in the Christian Sin el-Fil district in Beirut,along with six others. Ghanem was also a possible candidate for the presidency in an election to replace the pro-Syrian Emil Lahoud.

Ghanem was the eighth anti-Syrian politician assassinated since 2005, reducing Siniora's ruling coalition's margin to a bare minimum in Parliament.

The bomb was set in Ghanem's car and likely detonated by remote control according to Lebanese security sources. It was a large one severely damaging nearby buildings, setting several cars on fire and leaving the street littered with blood and debris.

Don't think Siniora and any other Lebanese politicos who think about opposing Syrian control of Lebanon haven't been getting the message.

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