Friday, October 12, 2007

Britain's Channel 4 A Victim of Dhimmi-Itis For `Undercover Mosque'

Some of you might remember a story I did a while back on British TV's Channel 4 and their documentary `Undercover Mosque' in which they secretly filmed British imams at work preaching hatred at the usual Friday sermons (notably at the Green Line Mosque in Birmingham) and broadcast it as a documentary.

Think the British police took any action or brought any charges against the imams? You must be joking.

The police took action against Channel 4, reporting them to the UK’s media regulatory agency. Here’s a video update on this amazing tale....and note the part where the police motivation for all this is discussed, the need to keep `friendly relations with the mosque and characters like Abu Osama as the last buffer before radical Muslims go over the abyss.'

By the way, the Islamic term `kaffir' or `non-believer' is one that has a negative context in Islam comparable to some of the more common ethnic slurs used against blacks, Asians or Jews.

Absolutely amazing.

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Clovis Sangrail said...

This is an amazing story. Not reported on the BBC as far as I can see.
Thanks (as usual).