Monday, October 08, 2007

My New Umbrella

Some of you regular members of Joshua's Army might have noticed a few changes in the look of the site. And no, Weekend Monkey had nothing to do with least directly. He's still on the campaign trial, last I heard, although I expect we'll hear more from him shortly.

My friends at the fine site EU Referendum have put together an organization called Umbrella blog whose logo you see at the top of the blogroll, and were kind enough to include JoshuaPundit as a member.

It's designed as a digest, and a visit there will provide you with a quick reference to some of the highlights of the blogosphere from a variety of sources.

A click on the yellow umbrella takes you there, and a click on the link in my blogroll takes you directly to the digest format....I recommend several daily visits, especially given the rainy weather outside, if you know what I mean...enjoy!

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