Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dogs Shoot Man On Hunting Trip

Oooh, this boyo gonna have some explaining to do when he calls into work and tries to tell them why he won't be in..shot by his own hunting dogs!

Apparently what happened is that James Harris was out hunting and put his gun down on the ground when he went to retrieve a bird..with the muzzle pointing at him and the safety off.

And while he was bending over picking up the birds, the hunting dogs stepped on his gun, and it went off and hit him in the leg.

Fortunately, he was with friends and they rushed him to the hospital.

The dogs in question declined to be interviewed, but I assume it was just an unfortunate accident.

Just to be on the safe side, I'd advise Harris to feed his dogs better, and avoid that pre-recall discount Chinese stuff an anonymous source told me he's been foisting on the hounds.

Best wishes from JoshuaPundit for a speedy recovery.

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