Monday, October 08, 2007

US Tried To Stall Israel's Strike On Syria

ABC News has an exclusive story out about the recent strike by Israel on what seems to have been a Syrian nuclear site.

Apparently the Israeli raid on the Syrian facility had been planned for months, and was delayed only at the strong urging of the United States....and especially US Secretary of State Condi Rice.

The Israelis shared satellitephotographs in early July with the US, showing a suspected nuclear facility in Syria. They also had additional intel showing that some of the technology was supplied by North Korea.This raised questions on why US intelligence hadn't known about the facilty, which had been in existence for months if not years.

According to ABC's sources, Israel originally planned to hit the facility in early July, and that while some figures inthe Bush Administration supported Israel's proposed action ( I'd guess Cheney), others, especially Secretary Rice were opposed to it because they were `afraid of the effect it would have on regional stability' (!)

Originally, it appears from the story that Rice's faction carried the day and the Israelis agreed to delay the attack. In September they apparently had new information that caused them to inform the US that further delay was simply not possible and went ahead with the strike.

One added bonus of the Israeli strike, as I mentioned earlier was the successful penetration by the IDF of Russia's `unjammable' Pantsyr 1E missile defense system..which the Russians have sold to both Syria and Iran, and which the mullahs are using to defend Iran's nuclear facilities.

Thanks and a commendation to long time Joshua's Army member Joyce C.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the Israelis got through the anti-air missile system may seem like an advantage for us, but on the other hand, the mullahs now know how defective their defenses are. If I were them, I'd be scrambling to get new, more effective, systems up.

Anonymous said...

hi nazar,
the suter system that the IAF uses, used, is evolving. the russians are doing spin, read damage, control. they may improve their defense in some manner. but the improvement may not see the same array from suter again.

Anonymous said...

It seems likely that this strike by the IDF eliminated something that was being supplied to Syria by North Korea. It appears that North Korea has been caught.

Very soon after this strike the North Koreans reached a deal to dismantle their nuclear facilities by 12/31/07. Now it remains to be seen whether or not North Korea will follow through on the deal or if they will face any pressure from the main stream news media to honor their agreement, however, the success of the Israeli operation and the sudden willingness of the North Koreans to reach an agreement are probably related. It would seem that the free world, especially the South Koreans, owe the Israelis a tremendous debt of gratitude.

The Russian designed system probably failed because it was designed to thwart the military actions of the country that Russia sees as their number one enemy. This is the United States. It is highly unlikely that the US Air Force or any Western European Air Force has the technical expertise or the flying skills to have beaten Syria's Russian designed anti-air craft system. The only nation of the free world who could have pulled this off is Israel. Had this Israeli action been unsuccessful, that nuclear material would have eventually been used against American interests somewhere in the world, possibly against the continental US. Thankfully Israel had the good sense to reject American pressure. Again the US, South Korea, and the entire free world owe Israel a huge debt of gratitude.

Freedom Fighter said...

Howdy, Y'all!
Personally, I don't think the Russians have the technical expertise to cope with the US OR Israel..what they were good at was at selling these toys to Iran and Syria at fancy prices and convincing scared Westerners of their weapons prowess..just like in the Cold War.

That actually characterizes Iran's relationship with Russia, for the most part. if you read between the lines and check out something more than the usual sources(and I do)a lot of the holdups in Russia's construction of the Bushehr reactor and other facilities have been caused by the Russians essentially extorting Iran for more money outside of the existing contracts `to match today's prices'.

What's even funnier is that the mullahs are paying through the nose and going along with it!

As for North Korea, they wil likely go through with their deal..too much on the table for them not to.
This was a shipment to an already existing facility, as you'll note, and represented a 'going-out-of-business' sale with the stuff the Norks had left, I think.

I mean, why trash it when you can sell it to an old and willing customer?


Rosey said...

I agree with b.Poster wholeheartedly.

This is the most amazing story I have read, and FF has better coverage than CNN...(Duh).

The new, improved axis of evil is now North Korea, Iran, Syria and Russia.

BTW I'm voting for Giuliani. And buying a shotgun.

John said...

Israel is the world leader in crypto/cyber security. Windows Security Software development is in Haifa, Israel.

A big part of this is due to the universal draft here. The IDF will send a proto-cyber geek to three years of university and then draft him into a high-tech unit filled with like minded geeks. After three years of tweaking code ever tighter, they go out and join some start-up with a bunch of their army buddys.

Think Skype....

If you really want to watch the tin-foil hat crowd freak, tell them that Windows security software was written by Mossad...

Anonymous said...

Not only an interesting post, but I like your new format.

Freedom Fighter said...