Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ward Churchill Surfaces:Another Example of How Radical Islam And The Left Are Joining Forces

I've written many times before about the alliance between radical Islamists and the Angry Left here in the west, and here's another graphic example - academic fraud, plagiarist and disgraced former professor Ward Churchill is speaking at the University of California, Davis, on November 1, sponsored by the Students for Peace and Justice , Students for Justice in Palestine, and of course the Muslim Student Association. Oh, and your tax dollars, of course.

The topic of his speech? `Zionists are Nazis'.

This appears to be a new career direction for Churchill. He made a similar speech May 10th at UC Irvine, again sponsored by the Muslims Student Association.

For those of you who've forgotten, Churchill was fired from his professorship at the University of Colorado not for saying that 9/11 was justified or for his comment that the victims of 9/11 were `little Eichmanns' but for academic fraud, shoddy research and outright plagiarism.

If you care to let UC Davis know what you think of this, the Chancellor of the University, Larry Vanderhoef can be reached at


Anonymous said...

You know, if you spent more time attempting to understand what Ward is trying to say and less time regurgitating the same old attack phrases against him (all of which are highly inaccurate), you might actually learn a few things or at least start to question the "truths" you take for granted.

But that is real issue, isn't it? People like Ward Churchill scare the hell out of conservatives because he airs a lot of dirty laundry that most people want kept behind closed doors or forgotten. Oh, wait, I mean "lies."

You can criticize Ward Churchill all you want, but I suggest doing a little research on the man first. Flip through a couple of his books. Then decide if it's worthwhile to put him down or if maybe there are some other more important entities that deserve the criticism. Just a thought.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Anyone who refers to the 9/11 victims as `little Eichmanns' and who considers Israel an `apartheid state' is not airing dirty laundry, but promulgating fiction.

He has a perfect right to do so, but I also have a perfect right to label it as lies and slander.

As for `his' books, his own university fired him for academic plagiarism and fraudulent research among other things.

Here's a challenge for you, anonymous: read Joan Peter's prize winning book on the Middle East `From Time Immemorial' and Ephraim Karsh's `Empires In The Sand.'

They may change some of your preconceptions,