Thursday, October 04, 2007

Women Of The IDF

A couple of moving (and yeah, attractive) videos featuring the women of the Israeli Defense Forces:

Click here for Video # 1

Click here for Video# 2


Anonymous said...

it may be the IDF, but one of these girls needs to learn how to salute.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
The IDF is a very different kind of army.The kind of spit n' polish and rigid attention to rank and elaborate military courtesies you find in most armies are not part of the IDF's metier.

It's truly a citizen army,and almost everybody goes, so it has the status of an institution in Israeli society unlike most other countries. If you apply for a job in Israel, one of the first questions you're likely to be asked if you're not an obvious olim (new immigrant) is what you did in the military.

Since almost everybody serves, the guy you're doing your service with is very likely the guy you went to high school with.That applies to officers as well, and it's routine for IDF soldiers to address NCO's and their frontline officers by their first names. They've likely known each other in civilian life, and in any event the motto of IDF officers is `Follow Me'.

Even after they get out, Israelis serve in the reserve and again, people tend to know each other in such a small country, so the idea of lots of formality between officers and the other ranks is not very common.

Somehow, this has no effect on the IDF's discipline under fire. Maybe having your back against the sea and being surrounded by a bunch of genocidal maniacs has something to do with that.

Hope you enjoyed the videos...


Rosey said...

I'm making aliyah tomorrow!!!!