Monday, November 28, 2011

Barney Frank Calls It Quits, No Effs, Ends or Butts

Veteran Congressperson Barney Frank has decided to retire. The chief reason was that his specially gerrymandered district is no more, because Massachusetts lost a seat due to the last census.

Frank had a tough fight last time against Sean Bielat in 2010, even though he ultimately won after spending a great deal of money. With a redrawn district and a very different political climate thanks to President Obama's unpopularity, he decided to pull the plug, no double entendre intended.

Barney Frank will be remembered for a number of choice items:

  • 'Recommending' his boyfriend for a lucrative senior executive job at Fannie Mae while Frank served on a key post in the House Finance Committee. And his subsequent shielding of his boyfriend's employer from congressional oversight or regulation when questions began to be raised about Fannie and Freddie's mismanagement that ultimately resulted in the mortgage bubble and the toxic derivatives that spread through the economy. And yes, some people have raised the possibility that there was a quid pro quo there, or undue influence at the very least

  • The ridiculous Dodd-Frank Financial "reform" bill that left Fannie and Freddie untouched while effectively constraining economic activity during a recession and raising fees on the very consumers it was supposed to protect

  • Being censored by the House for allowing another boyfriend to run a gay prostitution ring out of Frank's home, something that would have landed an ordinary person in the slammer for a few years.

  • He never found a far left cause he wouldn't support or a taxpayer's dollar he didn't have his greedy little eyes on.

    President Obama commented today on Frank's resignation, saying, “This country has never had a congressman like Barney Frank, and the House of Representatives will not be the same without him.”

    G-d willing.

    However, in fairness, I have to mention one time when Congressman Frank impressed me with his courage. When CNN chief news executive and Leftist talking head Eason Jordan made remarks about how the US military was targeting journalists for murder at the World Economic Forum at Davos in 2005, it was Barney Frank who demanded that Jordan back up his words with proof and led the charge that resulted in Jordan's 'resigning'. Jordan, by the way, was also the one who revealed that CNN slanted coverage and deliberately kept quiet about Saddam Hussein's atrocities in Iraq prior to Desert Storm to maintain 'access to the story'. For that alone, Jordan deserves the Duranty award for abjectly soiling whatever journalistic ethics he may once have had and aiding and abetting the murder of innocents.

    Oh, and by the way..while it's good news that Frank is resigning, the next person due to take over as ranking member of the finance committee is race baiter and outright communist Maxine Waters. That is, if she survives her current ethics problems.

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