Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Obama And SarkozyTrashTalk Netanyahu - What Else in New?


Much is being made to day of yet another 'hot mic' incident - this time between President Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy when they thought they weren't being overheard.

Reportedly, when the conversation turned to Israeli PM Netanyahu, Sarkozy declared : "I cannot stand him. He is a liar." According to the report, Obama replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

To which Netanyahu's private reply was undoubtedly something along the lines of 'Az Mah?' Gam Atah! ( So what? Same to you!)

There's obviously no love lost between Obama and Netanyahu, or for that matter between Sarkozy and Obama if reports are to be believed.That's certainly no big secret.

Bibi has undoubtedly stretched the truth now and then..it's what anyone governing does. But frankly, if I were Netanyahu and had to deal with the likes of these two, I wouldn't be exactly honest and forthcoming either.

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B.Poster said...

Mr. Obama does not have to "deal with" Mr. Netanyahu every day. In fact, there's no reason that Mr. Netanyahu has to "deal with" Mr. Obama every day.

The primay thing we want or should want Israel to do for us, as Americans, is to act as a buffer between us and Islamic terrorists who wish to to destroy and, if necessary, to take out Iran's nuclear weapons facilities. Frankly, Israel can do this much better without interference from us. If the "special relationship" were to change to one where America does not send aid to Israel, does not sell military wapons to Israel, and in general stays out of Israel's affairs this would be better for both countries.

Israel would lose a valuable weapons supplier but they would gain a freer hand to deal with their enemies and in general to chart their foreign policy. This additional freedom would more than outweigh the loss of America as a weapons supplier or a contributor to their economy. Also, Israel would be better able to act as a buffer between us and Islamic terrorists. As such, if the leaders of the two nations were to "deal with" each other less, this would be a win-win for both of our great countries.

Given these facts, why does the "special relationship" continue? I suspect alot of has to do with the fact that certain American elites are benefiting by it. Oftern times, in America, things are done in America that benefit the elites at the expenxe of the people. It seems this is one of those times.

Given that Israel has not acted to change the "special relationship" the same dynamic may apply in Israel but not being from there or eing familiar with their politics I can't say for certain but it does seem likey as a hypothesis as to why Israel has not acted to alter the relationship.

As for Mr. Sarkozy, its a bit puzzling why he would take such a condescending attitude toward the leader of Israel. He has sough to ban the burqua has he not? Didn't he say that immigrants need to eitehr assimilate and become French or get out? As such, given the problems his country has had with Islamic terrorists one would think he would be more empathetic to the challenges Israel faces.

I could not agree more with your last paragraph!! You nailed it!! All powerful people lie from tiem to time. Perhaps these two merry men should look in the mirror.

Maybe Israel will look at this long and hard and finally decide to take the lead in changing the nature of the "special relationship." If this is done, while it might be a net benefit to the elites, it would be a net benefit to the citizens of each country on the whole.