Saturday, February 15, 2014

Are Iranian Ships Making A Dry Run For An EMP Attack On The US?

While the attention of the American people is directed elsewhere, some ominous developments are occurring. Along with an increasingly belligerent and hostile tone, upgrades in centrifuges and long range missile tests, Iran has announced a naval 'training mission' with two of its warships off our Atlantic coast.

At least one expert on Iran and EMP attacks, Peter Pry thinks the Iranians are doing a dry run for a future nuclear launch or an EMP attack off our coasts.

For those of you unfamiliar with an EMP attack, it involves a nuclear missile that explodes above the earth's atmosphere and sends out an electromagnetic pulse that fries all digital and computer electronics in the area affected.

Most vehicles simply stop running, along with all other machinery configured digitally..gas pumps, ATM machines, most cash registers, credit card readers, microwaves, cell and land line telephones, computers, toll gates and turnstiles, medical equipment, power stations, the Internet, a whole gamut of items we've simply grown used to as part of a 21st century civilization. All of the drones our current military is so reliant on are no longer controllable, and most aircraft and military vehicles become inoperable. The power grid and our missile defense systems go down.

Deliveries of all kinds, including food and fuel become difficult if not impossible, and any patients using pacemakers or hooked up to any medical equipment using digital electronics simply die.

Pry, president of EMPACT America thinks that the Iranians are simply making a dry run, with th eidea of preparing for a future assault:

“I think the Iranian Navy patrols off our coasts may be intended to lull us into complacency, to get the U.S. Navy accustomed to an Iranian naval presence in our hemisphere, so eventually they could contribute to 'Zero Hour' and the great day when the Mullahs decide to drop the nuclear hammer on America,” said Pry, who staffed a former congressional EMP commission.

“I think the Iranian Navy patrols are also intended to humiliate Obama and the United States for the Geneva [nuclear] interim agreement that Tehran interprets, correctly I think, as U.S. surrendering to the inevitability of a nuclear-armed Iran,” he added.

Pry also mentions that the Iranians have recently purchased Russia's Club-K missile launcher, which can be hidden in a container cargo box aboard a seemingly harmless freighter:

“I and my colleagues, including Reza Kahlili, who warned six months ago that these Iranian patrols were coming, think it more likely Iran would make an EMP attack by launching a missile off a freighter, so they could do the deed anonymously, and escape retaliation,” Pry explained.

“Iran has demonstrated the capability to launch a missile off a freighter. Iran has also purchased Russia's Club-K missile system. The Club-K is a complete missile launch system, disguised to look like a shipping container, that could convert any freighter into a missile launch platform. The Club-K, if armed with a nuclear warhead, could be used to execute an EMP attack.”

Keep in mind that the North Koreans have the same sort of capability, and they already have nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

It wasn't so long ago that the United States was free of such threats, thanks to the actions of Presidents Reagan and George HW Bush. Then came three successive presidents who had, shall we say, other priorities.

There was Bill Clinton, who helped the Chinese PLA make a Great Leap Forward in their military capabilities by signing off on shipping them high tech super computers, technology and software with military applications through companies like Democrat donor Loral that analysts like Jane's estimate allowed the Chinese to advance twenty years during his 8 years in office. He also essentially allowed North Korea to develop and enhance its nuclear weapons arsenal, as well as essentially ignoring Islamist terrorism on his watch.

There was George W. Bush, who knew full well that the Iranians had a clandestine nuclear weapons program going as early as 2005, but allowed former Secretary of State Condi Rice and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to talk him out of doing anything about it and to refuse to ship the Israelis the tools to do anything about it they requested from us, something Secretary Gates revealed in his latest book.

And of course, Barack Hussein Obama, who has essentially signed off on a nuclear armed Iran in favir of appeasing the Ayatollahs and likewise has chosen to ignore North Korea.

Need I even mention that all three of them also have refused to do anything much in terms of border security? And if you believe that it's only illegal aliens seeking jobs that have taken advantage of this, do a little research on things like Hezbollah cells here in America and links between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels.

Elections have consequences. I pray we don't find out the hard way,but the stage is certainly being set for exactly that.

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