Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jimmie Kimmel Again - Watch The Reactions Of People Told FDR 'Just Died Today'...

Really funny,but remember that these people are actually allowed to vote, drive and operate machinery...!


louielouie said...

i have two comments.
comment #1 is, it appears that now that leno is done, all of his former segments will now be morphed into the so called material of what passes for late night comedy.
comment #2 is, if i made the comment i want to make about the people in the video, something about their geographical location would surely result in our webhost banning me from J/P.

Rob said...

Probably nothing I wouldn't say myself Louie...except this: the wildlife along Hollywood Blvd used to have a certain feral hipness to them,and one of my more interesting walks at night used to be to stroll from say, Argyle or thereabouts up to La Brea where the 'urban 'part ends and watch them in action, with the Frolic Room and the Greyhound bus station where the young women drifted in from the provinces being favorite stops of mine.

But then the city stepped in a few years ago and 'gentrified' most of it,getting rid of most of the interesting parts and remaking it as a well heeled tourist trap.

Trust me when I tell you that most of the people in this vid are tourists from out of town.