Friday, February 21, 2014

The UK And Iran Resume Diplomatic Relations


Well , that didn't take long.

According to Iran's official FARS news, Britain and Iran have now officially resumed full diplomatic relations, according to Tehran’s non-resident Charge d’Affaires in London Hassan Habibollahzadeh:

Habibollahzadeh arrived in London at the head of a consular delegation on Wednesday.

The Iranian diplomat is to discuss rendering better consular services to the Iranian nationals residing in Britain as well as promotion of level of consular services both in terms of quality and quantity with British officials.

During his six-day visit to London, the Iranian envoy is slated also to review Tehran-London relations with the officials of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as well as other relevant bodies.

Early in December in his first trip to Britain, Habibollahzadeh entered London and headed for the Embassy in Kensington to inspect the consular services rendered to the Iranians living in Britain.

How absolutely charming! I'm sure the Brits are willing to forget about Iran kidnapping its sailors on the high seas,mistreating them and then holding them for ransom.

And of course, Iran being a state sponsor to Islamist terrorism and threatening genocide against
Israel on a regular basis is hardly even worth notice.Besides, there's trade and profit to be had and after all, one doesn't want Iran to be upset with them. Perish the thought.

Actually,this has been in the works since the agreement that wasn't really an agreement was agreed upon last November. This just solidifies it.

You sometimes wonder how much a nation can abase itself.

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