Sunday, January 04, 2015

Abbas - Palestinians Will Resubmit 'Statehood' Resolution to UN

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gestures during a speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah on January 4, 2015. (Photo credit: AFP/ ABBAS MOMANI)

Palestine's unelected leader Mahmoud Abbas has announced that he plans to resubmit their resolution calling for a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state of the pre-'67 lines to the UN Security Council again, after the new members get seated. Since pro-Israel UNSC members like Australia, South Korea and Rwanda are leaving because their terms are up and being replaced by the likes of Angola, Malaysia (which doesn't recognize Israel's existence), New Zealand, Spain, and Venezuela, it's probable that the only thing that would stop it from passing this time is a U.S. veto.The United States has said it doesn't support the resolution, which would violate the Oslo Accords and th eRoad Map, two treaties both the U.S. and the PLO are signatories to.

“We will go back to the Security Council until it recognizes our rights,” Abbas said Sunday in Ramallah, in the West Bank, Reuters reported. “We are determined to join international conventions and treaties despite the pressure.

“We didn’t fail, the UN Security Council failed us. We’ll go again to the Security Council, why not? Perhaps after a week.”

It's worth looking at what Mahmoud Abbas his 'rights'...and what the countries who vote in favor of the resolution will actually be endorsing.

Abbas wants the UN to gift him and the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians all of Judea and Samaria as well as all of East Jerusalem, something that would force Israel back to indefensible borders. Abbas is also insisting on a 'right of return' for all those whom consider themselves refugees to what's left of Israel, as well as for the freedom of all the convicted terrorists in Israeli jails. And the resolution sets a deadline of 2017 for Israel to comply, which means that there really isn't any reason for Israel to return to peace talks.After all, what's left to  'negotiate'? Particularly with a fixed deadline that allows Abbas to simply wait things out?

Voting for the resolution also means the ethnic cleansing of 500,00 Jews, the barring of Jews permanently from their holiest religious sites, and for the destruction of an Israel helpless against terrorist assaults. And it means legitimizing a 'government' composed of vicious, and corrupt kleptocrats on the one hand and genocidal murderers on the other.

That is, if the Israelis comply with it.

They won't, even if it passes. No sane country would.

It remains to be seen if the Obama Administration will use its veto if it comes to that. I think there's a good chance they will, although I'm sure they'd rather not. But it may be that Abbas has worn out his welcome in Washington..and elsewhere, if what I'm reading about the lack of pledges being redeemed for extra aid to 'Palestine to rebuild Gaza. That promised $5.4 billion appears no where in sight, and if Abbas forces an American veto, it is going to give impetus to moves in the U.S. congress to defund U.S. aid to the PLO, which no totals over $400 million per year, not counting the millions the U.S. gives to fund UNRWA, the UN agency tasked with the care and feeding of the Palestinians, something no other refugees have.

The Israelis, quite properly have already frozen the $125 million per month they collect in taxes for the PLO, and there's serious talk about applying these funds to the PLO's huge electricity billowed to Israel.

The PLO, meanwhile is attempting to join the International Criminal Court and a number of other international conventions to attempt to wage lawfare against Israel.

The ICC, while extremely biased against Israel might have problems accepting 'Palestine' as a member. They aren't a state, which is required,  And the last time they tried it, the then-ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo announced that his office lacked the authority to determine whether the P.A. self-rule area constituted a “state.”

Also, the Rome Statutes, the ICC'c guiding treaty  empowers them to investigate and act in cases of alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide carried out by one state in the territory of another. That's also a difficulty since 'Palestine' has no boundaries at present, except in Mahmoud Abbas's imagination.

Even more ludicrously, Hamas, who won the last free election the people whom call themselves Palestinians were allowed to have say, with some justification that Mahmoud Abbas has no right to submit this UN resolution or join any of these international accords without holding a referendum..which Hamas would almost certainly win.

Since they are supposedly the PLO's equal partners in a unity government, it's ridiculous that the UN is even considering this nonsense seriously. Would they do so if this involved any other country than Israel?

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