Wednesday, January 14, 2015

U.S. East Jerusalem Consulate Creating Own Private Palestinian Terrorist Militia


As some of you may know, The White House refused to locate its embassy in Israel capitol, Jerusalem. Instead, it has two consular facilities, an embassy in Tel Aviv and a consulate in East Jerusalem that openly sees itself according to its own web page “as the embassy of the United States of America in Palestine.”

There is a small consular office in West Jerusalem but it is pretty much limited to tasks like turning in absentee ballots. If Jews living or traveling in Israel need to have a passport issued, obtain a visa for the US, register for social security or register children as American citizens, they either have to use the 'East Jerusalem' consulate or travel to Tel Aviv to use the American embassy.

The American diplomats whom work there live in West Jerusalem but commute, and are noted for their pro-Palestinian sympathies, and the East Jerusalem consulate is staffed mostly by those Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians whose hostility to Jews is an open secret. There is one exception to this..or there was until now.

Under a 2011 agreement with the U.S., only IDF combat veterans would be authorized to carry arms as consulate guards. Also, those arms were limited to 100 handguns.

The Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth has reported that this agreement has now been blatantly violated. The consulate's new security director, Dan Cronin has hired 35 Palestinian security guards, many of whom have criminal records.

Three Israeli security guards who worked at the US consulate resigned in the wake of a plan to hire 35 Palestinians from East Jerusalem as armed security guards who are currently undergoing training in Yericho (Jericho). One of them has gone so far as to accuse the consulate of creating "an armed Palestinian militia."

According to the report in Yediot Aharonot, the plan is to employ the Palestinians mainly to escort convoys of American diplomats in Judea-Samaria.


The report said that the change in the consulate Israelis began months ago, with the appointment of consulate security officer Dan Cronin. Employees say that since they started working there seven Israeli security guards were fired, compared with one Palestinian guard.

The three Israeli guards who recently resigned in protest at his behavior, say he is training the Palestinian security guards at the American facility in Jericho, where Palestinian security forces are training. Some of the guards were even flown to the US for training.

"The law in Israel is only a recommendation for him," one employee fired. "Cronin does whatever he wants."

According to them, some of the Palestinian security guards employed at the consulate were arrested in the past for throwing rocks or have relatives who were convicted of hostile terrorist activities.

"The Consulate head's behavior tends toward the Palestinians, and Cronin actually established a Palestinian armed militia for the Consulate," an employee said. "He is training them with weapons, combat and tactical exercises. There is a lack of responsibility here - who ensures that such weapons, once given over to Palestinian guards, won't make their way to terror groups?"

The answer to that question is certainly easy. Any weapons, materials and trained personnel given to 'Palestine' have always ended up being used against Israeli civilians, whether it was the cement for 'construction' given to Hamas by UNRWA and USAid used to create the terror attack tunnels or the M-16s given to Arafat's security thugs prior to the Second Intifada.

The anti-Israeli character of the consulate today is clear, according to the report: the most senior adviser is a Palestinian Arab, Ibrahim Delalsh, who sat in Israeli prison for belonging to Fatah-linked terror groups. Another advisor is a relative of one of the leaders of Hamas in Jerusalem, Muhammad Hassan Abu Tir, who has been in and out of Israeli prisons many times.

But wait, there's more.

Yediot is also reporting that the consulate also keeps an arsenal of machine guns and rifles on the premises,a further violation of the 2011 agreement.

The U.S. consulate refused to allow reporters to speak directly to Cronin or to address any of the allegations in the article directly,but merely issued a blanket statement saying that “The US Consulate General in Jerusalem has full confidence in the professionalism of its staff.”

“We do not discuss the security of our diplomatic missions, but note there are many inaccuracies in the story.”

“In addition,” he said, “we coordinate fully and regularly with local authorities.”

Needless to say, the statement didn't point out any 'inaccuracies.' And there was very obviously no co-ordination with the Israeli government or the Israeli police...although I'm sure Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah security thugs knew all about it.

What the Obama Administration is doing is creating a trained cadre of terrorists and a private arms depot where weaponry can be smuggled under diplomatic cover to Area A, the part of Judea and Samaria where the Palestinian Authority is in charge.

This overtly hostile action is similar to the two fully armed combat brigades the Obama Administration created for Fatah trained by General Keith Dayton with our tax dollars. Since these units are not going to take on the IDF directly, they're designed to conduct guerilla war against Israel's civilians and that's what they're going to be used for eventually.

Their innocent blood will be on our hands...we paid for it.

So much for President Obama's horse manure about Israel's security.And people wonder why the relationship between America and Israel has been damaged so badly?

When Israel gets demonized for being intransigent or hardline for failing to follow the Obama Administration's diktats or for not clearing its security actions with America, remember this nonsense.

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So now what? Is that the end? Is the Israeli government too busy with elections to protect its citizens?