Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Who's 'Responsible?'


Sometimes, a public figure makes a statement that simply defies the imagination in its blatant hypocrisy and ignorance of reality.

Those of you who have been following events in the region know that the Third Intifada against Israel is well underway, and that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are doing their best to incite violence. Against this background, Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority AKA Hamas/Fatah recently went to the UN Security Council in an attempt to get a resolution declaring a Palestinian State along the pre '67 lines that would have called for forcing Israel back to indefensible borders, re-dividing Jerusalem and barring Jews from their Holy sites, ethnically cleansing 500,000 Jews, freeing all terrorists currently in captivity in Israeli jails and allowing any of the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians to return to whatever they claim their homes were in Israel.

The resolution failed by one vote, but Abbas has promised to re-introduce it now that three pro-Israel nation's terms on the Security Council have finished and three anti-Israel countries terms on the Security Council started in 2015. And Abbas is also attempted to join the International Criminal Court, saying that if he's successful he will attempt to prosecute Israel there for war crimes.

Aside from violating both the Oslo Accords and The Road Map, this is nothing less than a hostile entity making a declaration of war against Israel.

In retaliation, Israel decided to take the measure of freezing $127 million in tax monies it gathered for Hamas/Fatah, and is considering other measures as well.

The EU immediately condemned this, and their reaction is worth looking at.

European Union foreign affairs head Federica Mogherini said in a statement today that even this moderate pushback "runs counter to Israel’s obligations."

“An effective Palestinian Authority, committed to non-violence and a peaceful resolution of the conflict, is a key element for a two-state solution,” Mogherini said.

Mogherini said that “recent steps taken … could aggravate the already tense situation on the ground and bring them further away from a negotiated solution.”

“Both sides should refrain from taking actions which could raise obstacles to the rapid return to the negotiations,” she added.

She also threatened that the EU’s financing of 'Palestine' could be endangered by Israel’s withholding the money.

You have to wonder what planet the EU thinks it lives on.

Israel's 'responsibilities?' What about the Palestinian Authority?

In exchange for being gifted sovereignty by Israel in the Oslo Accords over some land it otherwise had no claim to, The Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians agreed to do three things...renounce terrorism, recognize Israel's right to exist and end anti-semitic incitement in its mosques schools and media. Those same three requirements were also part of the Road Map.

Not one of them has ever been adhered to, not by Arafat, not by Mahmoud Abbas and certainly not by Hamas.

While the PLO charter tepidly recognizes Israel, neither the Fatah charter or the Hamas charters do. Support for terrorism against Israeli civilians is a given, and not merely tolerated but rewarded. In the twenty years since Oslo, not a single person has ever been arrested by the PA security forces for killing a Jew. Financing of terrorist activity by the PA and Hamas is a long documented fact. Terrorist killers convicted of some of the most heinous murders by Israeli courts are called 'holy martyrs' by Abbas and receive a nice salary from the PA courtesy of Eu and American taxpayers, and these 'martyrs' are held up as heroes and role models to Palestinian society. They're glorified in its media, lionized in its mosques and have public buildings named after them.

Mahmoud Abbas's Moscow University treatise claiming that the Holocaust never happened and that the few Jews that were killed were the result of 'Zionists' collaborating with the Nazis is a required text in the PA's school curriculum.

And the PA itself is now allied in a unity government with the genocidal Hamas.For that matter, the PLO has already said that the Oslo Accords no longer apply to them.

And when Mogherini talks about a Palestinian Authority, committed to non-violence and a peaceful resolution of the conflict, does she even recognize the years of sustained and constant rejectionism and unwillingness to negotiate anything by Arafat and Abbas and the PA as the main contributor to the current impasse?

Responsibility also entails financial responsibility. 'Palestine' has received more aid money per capita than any other developing nation in history,and they aren't even a state yet. Only the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians have their own lavishly funded UN organization, UNRWA, to administer to their needs.

Yet, in spite of all that aid, they still remain an international economic basket case. eEen former PA finance minister Salim Fayyad admitted that at least half of the donor aid to 'Palestine' has either been stolen or diverted, and the World Bank puts it at 60%. The supposedly bankrupt PA still supports Sufa Arafat in her lavish Paris lifestyle to the tune of $100,000 per month, while Mahmoud Abbas is fabulously wealthy (He personally 'diverted' $1.3 billion to himself if former Palestinian Security Minister Mahmoud Dahlan is to be believed) and Abbas's two sons are millionaires.

Not only that, but the aspiring state of 'Palestine' has spent nothing on even creating its own electrical grid. 'Palestine' instead relies on Israeli electricity and has racked up an unpaid bill of around $300 million to the Israel Electric Corporation, an indebtedness subsidized by Israeli consumers through higher rates. It's to the point where the IEC has informed the Israeli government that they're going to be forced to cut power to the PA simply because the continued supply of free electricity is unsustainable.

Is Israel obligated as part of its 'responsibilities' to continue to supply free power to a hostile entity? And is Israel responsible for the fact that Hamas/Fatah are more concerned with spending whatever money they have left over after stealing for themselves on Jew killing and incitement? Is it Israel's fault that 'Palestine' is simply one of the most successful con games in history,one that the international community and particularly the EU happily bought into?

Isn't it time the EU and the rest of the so-called International Community starting calling on the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians to start shouldering their responsibilities and imposing real consequences when they don't? Or are Israel and the Jews simply a more convenient target?


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