Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Biden Bails As Obama And Hillary Come To Terms

As I predicted here, Joe Biden finally  issued a formal statement today that he is not running for president in 2016.

It's no secret that  the Clintons and the Obamas despise each other, so t his didn't take any crystal ball to figure out...all you had to do was to piece together certain events to realize that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had come to a  rapprochement.

The amount of  media coverage given to the  scandal surrounding the Clinton's 'charitable foundation', the e-mail servers scandal and the scads of articles championing 'good old likable honest Joe Biden' as the Democrat savior from the usual suspects all had to have been done at the bidding of  the Obama regime, as usual. otherwise, none of it would have happened.

But as I've written elsewhere, Mrs. Clinton had a few cards of her own to play. Just having  her attorneys offer congress candid testimony on a number of things in exchange for immunity from prosecution could make Barack Hussein Obama's final months in office a nightmare.

And she also had another convenient weapon.  It shouldn't be any surprise, but the Democrats choose their nominee via an extremely undemocratic process. Instead of the party's voters picking their nominee via votes in the primaries, the real power is in the hands of a large number of party insiders called 'super delegates' whom have the power to override whatever choices the voters in the primary might make. That's why Mrs. Clinton wasn't the nominee in 2008.

It's become known that  a number of the female super delegates who are in positions of power in the party have anointed Hillary based on her gender and have let it be known that any attempt to sideline her would have extreme consequences.

Even Barack Obama has to deal with reality sometimes. So the two sat down and had a chat, probably a few days or so before the debate, or perhaps Mr. Bill made a quick trip to the White House.

Then, despite a number of voter polls showing that Bernie Sanders won that debate, the usual media suspects trumpet it as a Clinton triumph,  often in surprisingly similar language using terms like 'polished performance'... not that they'd ever collude on something like that, right?

And just like magic, all the noise about a Biden candidacy suddenly subsided into silence, and President Obama took  steps to curtail the FBI investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal and the almost certain breaches of national security involved.  After all, the FBI  works for him.

 Biden got  the call from the White House and now, he's bowing out after a suitable interval to preserve appearances. He'll endorse Hillary when he's told it's time for him to do so.

Poor old Bernie! Even an irascible, ranting old Commie should have known better than to think that the Dems would ever put a Jew on the national ticket, even an irreligious, anti-Israel one. The last time they made that mistake was in 2000 with Joe Lieberman, and it cost them the Muslim vote  and likely the election.

So what did Mrs. Clinton or her husband offer Obama in return?

Author and media figure Ed Klein is a source I personally view with a certain amount of skepticism.  But he had a story out not too long ago that sounds fairly plausible. According to Klein, he was told by someone at the White House that President Obama's terms for endorsing Biden and campaigning for him included Biden allowing the president to choose Biden's running mate and a commitment from Biden to agree to serve only one term.

According to Klein, Obama's choice for Biden's running mate was former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Aside from being black, Governor Patrick does share Barack Obama's ideology, so that much makes sense.

If that was what Barack Obama wanted, I have no doubt the Clintons would make that deal in a New York minute.

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PUMABydesign said...

Progressives know their constituency very well. The dummies will vote for Hillary if for no other reason than she is a woman even if it means that the next four or eight years will be more of the last eight, if not worse.

Useful idiots come a dime a dozen; low information voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 have learned nothing these past eight years.

As for the Republican leadership, they had better get it together, fast and stop underestimating their constituency.