Thursday, October 01, 2015

Wild California - Cougar Sightings Near Populated Areas

A mountain lion, also known as a cougar, climbed up a 35-foot-high wooden power pole Tuesday afternoon near Cougar Buttes in Lucerne Valley on East End Road.

Californians have been rattled lately by sightings of cougars, AKA mountain lions in suburban and ex-urban areas close to mountain areas. This one was seen in Hesperia, which is by no means a small town out in the boonies! As reported in the Daily Press:

Jose Ruiz, a resident who lives across the street from the pole, told the Daily Press that the mountain lion was startled by children coming home in a Lucerne Valley Unified School District school bus. They were yelling with excitement and the big cat scurried up the pole, Ruiz said.

The mountain lion came down from the high-voltage power pole sometime Tuesday night and was not seen the next day, Ruiz said.

They've also been seen on high desert communities like Victorville.

Where I used to live, one of these critters came down from the hills, killed an Akita dog belonging to a friend of mine and dragged it back up the canyon. They don't really understand fences, pets or even small choldren and just see an easy meal, although they mostly stay clear of humans.

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