Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Daily Show's Ratings Collapse With Trevor Noah

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With the 'Daily Show,' Comedy Central figured they had a gold mine, at least compared with a lot of their other shows. With Jon Stewart leaving, the suits figured, 'Let's keep the same basic forma, but let's just get another Left wing ideologue to host it. Oh hey, I know, how about a black guy? We'll certainly keep Stewart's 1% share at least.'

Except Jon Stewart was at least funny, even if you knew he was full of it. That 'new guy' Trevor Noah is about as funny as watching a partial birth abortion.

His ratings after his first week of taking over have cratered, even with all the media buildup and a hot presidential race going on that should have boosted ratings.

Despite all the free hype from every corner of the left-wing national media, Noah bombed during his first week with an average of just 1.02 million viewers. That’s down a breathtaking -33% from this same time last year. And at this same time last year we were not in the middle of a historic presidential election delivering all-time high cable news ratings during the debates.

The best news is that young people have abandoned the show in droves. Among teens, the “Daily Show” ratings are down an incredible -59%, from 56k average viewers to just 23k.

Trevor Noah sucks. Everyone knows it. He’s a left-wing extremist like self-proclaimed socialist Jon Stewart, but Noah has no talent. He’s creating the GOP-hating content the national media desperately desire, but the content is so bad, the media isn’t re-running it endlessly.

When CNN isn’t using your left-wing propaganda, you suck like nothing ever sucked in the history of suck.


I had a feeling things were headed this way when Noah's history of anti-semitic and misogynist tweets and remarks first surfaced.Even a lot of the Left can't stand him.

It's gotten so bad,he's been reduced to recycling Dave Chappele's material and trying to play the race card for sympathy, whining “America suffers from a level of institutionalized racial segregation” and that he never thought he'd be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa.

Now, here's a hint, Mr. Noah, If I felt that way, I'd be on the next plane back there. I mean, why make a living of evil American dollars from a bunch of racists?

The good part in all this is that apparently only true believers are swallowing his schtick...and not very many of them.

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