Monday, December 28, 2015

Proof That Jeb Bush Is Absolutely Desperate

I had to laugh at this one. Jeb Bush's campaign is in such dire condition that he's been reduced to issuing schoolyard challenges to GOP front runner Donald Trump!

Please pack it in Governor Bush, and at least salvage some dignity. It would be, ummm, an act of love wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to enjoy throwing this article in your face once Bush wins the brokered convention.

Rob said...

You make me laugh, anonymous troll! Like I care if the Republican establishment decides to commit suicide? And speaking of 'brokered conventions' have you conveniently that all Democrat conventions are now brokered because of the super-delegates? Can't have the grubby voters interfering in the process, now can we?

It's all good. Hillary will really show you prog fascists what true corpo fascism is like, since she's far more freedom hating, efficient, energetic,obsessed with total control and vindictive than Zero the Magic Negro ever was, although he tried in between vacays and golf. After a year or so's worth of that corrupt she-snake, the bottom will drop out and you'll see some real hope and change. And believe me, it won't be the kind you and those like you will enjoy at all. You see, the precedents in governing by diktat Obama has set can work both ways, y'know. Never thought of that,did you?

I know, I know, you're giddy at even being noticed.

Actually, even the GOP has pretty much written off Jebbie. After a brief affair with Carlie Fiorina (whom still is hanging on, hoping for the VP slot or a cabinet post)their new fave is now Marco Rubio. It's all about Big Government, illegal alien amnesty and increased H1B visas so the big donors can fire Americans or avoid hiring them altogether in favor of cheaper foreign labor. Marco is down for all of that.

If there's a brokered convention, Marco will be the choice, simply because he mouths at least some of the right platitudes. But it's not like it used to be. Too many people no longer fall for that kind of horse manure. They will stay home in droves, or concentrate on local elections and organizing for that hope n' change I was speaking about earlier. That's what people like you would do when faced with a Hillary nomination if you had a shred of honor or self-respect.

But you don't, so of course you won't.