Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Heart Of The Matter

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A great deal has been written and said about the attacks in San Bernardino, President Obama's unserious, know nothing speech in response and subjects like ISIS, Muslim 'radicalization', Islam and immigration.

Much of it has been pretty good, some of it has been insightful and a lot of it has been deliberately misleading. For a good sample of the latter read Obama bootlicker Dan Balz's piece in the Washington Post essentially calling Donald Trump the equivalent of Adolf Hitler for merely proposing the entirely reasonable suggestion that we put a temporary moratorium on migrations from certain Muslim countries until we have the ability to vet them better. At one point,Balz even equates The Donald with - wait for it- anti-Semites like Father Coughlin in the 1930's. You can't make this stuff up.

Like Obama spokesmouth Josh Earnest, it's ironic that these two minions both have surnames that are the exact opposites of their actual characters.

Another thing that's funny is that that the same people, both Republicans and Democrats whom whine constantly about our 'broken immigration system' are absolutely horrified at the idea of stopping migration to America  from an increasingly dangerous part of the world until it's fixed.And that, of course, includes our president.

You might almost think they're Up To Something...and of course they are.

Have you ever wondered how things got to this state, when the most powerful military and the huge intrusive security apparatus that was assembled after 9/11 is so ineffectual that this war still goes on 14 years after 9/11 and a couple of ISIS groupies could assemble explosive devices and acquire AK 47's and thousands of rounds of ammo with their own little jihadi cell in a place like San Bernardino, plan an attack and carry it off so easily? Have you ever wondered why so many Muslims, especially younger ones become jihadis and why the problem keeps increasing?

Part of it, of course is the actual nature of Islam, much of which is fascist, cruel, misogynist and violent. Most Muslims aren't, not by any means. But it is the Islamic fascism brand name that is increasingly being imported into America and elsewhere in the Western world, and as that continues, more and more Muslims, especially younger ones are going to identify with it, because it appears to be winning.

The same thing occurred in Nazi Germany. I call it my 20-60-20 formula. Any political movement or ideology, which is exactly what Islamic fascism is, will start with a hardened core of True Believers willing to go to any lengths to win. As they get more notoriety and become more established, there will be a roughly equal amount of people who are horrified by them and who rigidly, sometimes vociferously oppose them.And then there's the 60% in the middle, some of whom may lean one way or the other but essentially are more interested in just day to day life. But as one side or the other appears to be winning, more and more of the 60% start drifting more and more to what looks the winning side. That's exactly what we're seeing now. Why has this happened?

The fact is that the last two presidents (and Mrs. Clinton) were essentially bought and sold by the Saudis, Qatar and the Emirates, along with a lot of other politicians, diplomats,and other government functionaries.

Their reward for faithful service once they left office was the funding of presidential libraries, six figure speaking fees, honorariums and 'consulting' fees, lucrative business opportunities (just research how Bill Clinton became a multi-millionaire) and generous gifts to presidential 'foundations' like the Clinton Foundation. All one needs to do is to follow the money and watch where it leads.

What the Arabs bought with their money was the US military to use as needed for their personal mercenaries, a guaranteed market for their oil while we sold our domestic oil elsewhere, immunity from any prosecution for their support for terrorism, policy influence...and oh yes, a free hand to do aggressive dawa and indoctrination for their extremely fundamentalist version of Islam via the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations who took over something like 80% of America's mosques via the North American Islamic Trust - and replaced the imams with their own radical choices.

Add appeasement of Iran and a clueless president to the mix and you have our present situation in a nutshell.

This is why whenever a jihadi attack occurs on American soil, the perpetrators can almost always be traced to attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood owned mosque with a radical imam in charge and lots of 'educational materials' promoting jihad, Islamist doctrine and martyrdom. President George W. Bush actually spoke at one of these mosques, the Saudi funded Washington Islamic Center.

The Saudis and the others were particularly willing to fund this effort not only to spread Wahhabi Islam but  to get the Muslim Brotherhood firebrands out of their countries, where they posed a risk to the House of Saud and other autocratically ruled kingdoms. And they continue to fund it today, with increasing success because of the increase in Muslim migration to America, aided and abetted by the last three administrations. President Barack Hussein Obama alone has brought almost one million Muslims into America and many of them are bringing certain attitudes with them that do not mix at all well with Western culture.

Our current president is a True Believer who welcomes the alliance between prog-fascists and Islamists. And he has a number of Islamists and their sympathizers in low profile but influential positions, even in Homeland Security. If you look at his domestic and foreign policy, one common thread in both is to protect and empower Islamist and the Muslim Brotherhood, whether it's keeping them out of jail for aiding and abetting terrorism, getting into an illegal war in Libya to empower them, siccing his Department of Justice on anyone whom opposes them in the least , liberating dangerous jihadis from Guantanamo or doing his best to allow them to take over Egypt.

And that of course is the heart of the matter. Most average people in the Western World have finally gotten beyond the media fog and the absurd rhetoric of many of their so called leaders and elites to realize what many of us figured out a long time ago, that we're in a war with at least a significant portion of Islam, with what I prefer to call Islamist fascism. That's at least a start, to actually realize that we're fighting an ideology rather than 'terrorists' or 'terrorism'. And there are any number of good ideas on how to fight that war and win.

We defeated the Nazis and the Japanese in 3 and half years, starting out with a much weaker military than we have now, and they were far stronger than our present adversaries.

But the biggest problem we have, and the one that could defeat us is leadership. It is lack of it that got us to this point and a continued lack of it that will cost us even more dearly than it has already.

Hearing Barack Obama refer to himself as 'commander in chief' in his absurd 13-minute speech the other night brings the problem home. Any military leader with his record would have been relieved of command long ago.

A different Congress would have impeached Barack Obama long ago for this and many other reasons, but that's unfortunately not likely. Elections have consequences, and so does passively tolerating the results and not insisting that our representatives fulfill their oats and take action.

No progress is going to occur on winning this war until Barack Obama and his sordid gang are out of office, because winning this war is the last thing they want, believe it or not. They'd prefer to maintain their relationships with our enemies, 'manage' this and run out the clock, because while they mouth platitudes about how they're serving the country, their own personal interests take precedence over that. And that includes political interests as well as financial ones. Can anyone imagine Hillary Clinton making demands or taking the fight to some of the biggest donors to her 'charitable foundation?'

For all the bold words out there about taking out ISIS and 'fighting terrorism', it's leadership we need to focus on most of all right now. We've already seen in the last 23 years what happens without it.
And there are signs that the leadership we need is developing as the West awakens from its long, enforced slumber and realizes that the knife is at its throat.

In the meantime, we can work to install that leadership and insist that the entire baggage of political correctness and appeasement of Islamic fascism our elites have fostered is ridiculed, shamed, opposed and shouted down for the lethal poison it is. If we don't it will kill us.


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