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A Message For France - And For Us

In France, July 14th is Bastille Day, when the French revel on the anniversary of their independence and the beginnings of the establishment of their republic. In some ways it's very much like America's July Fourth. There are parades, topped by a military parade along Paris’ famed Champs-Elysées along with fireworks and gatherings in public places.

This Bastille Day, there were fireworks of a different sort.

Nice is a common seaside spot for French families to take a vacation holiday this time of year, and one of the Bastille Day attractions is a magnificent fireworks show, one of many along France's Cote D'Azur on the Mediterranean. Hundreds of people were enjoying the gorgeous sight of the fireworks reflected on the water.

This was the target of a jihadi who plowed into the crowd at full speed that was leaving the celebration on the Promenade des Anglais. In a large rented white truck,he drove through them for a kilometer of so - over a mile- chasing down more victims and even pursuing them on to the pavement in places. He then stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire indiscriminately on the traumatized milling crowd until he was shot down by police and killed. Here's what it looked like:

The death toll is at 84 so far, not counting the jihadi and rising, with a number of people in critical condition.

An injured woman is taken away after the attack in Nice.

A large cache of heavy weapons, grenades and explosives was found in the truck. And while the authorities are still noncommital, a number of eyewitnesses have said there were two jihadis in the truck, one who fired at the crowd while the other was running people down. It would certainly make sense given the large body count. And if that's the case, one of them escaped.

And a note to President Barack Hussein Obama and Mrs. Clinton...France's strict gun laws, a mirror of how these people would love to disarm Americans doesn't stop jihadis from getting whatever weapons they want.

This particular tactic is pretty much standard operating procedure in the Middle East, although usually it takes the form of stationary truck bombs. Recently in Israel, one of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians was working at a construction site and attempted a similar attack on pedestrians using a bulldozer. Given that it was Israel, his results were nowhere near as successful as the jihad attack in Nice. He was shot down and killed by one of his intended victims in minutes.

In a separate incident, the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of France's glory and achievement is on fire.

The official line is that the fire was caused by a truck carrying fireworks that somehow caught on fire.

Odd though, since while the Eiffel Tower is also a traditional site of Bastille Day fireworks, fireworks explode rather than burn and the fireworks themselves are not set off right by the Tower, where the truck was, but some distance away.

And being iron, the Tower itself doesn't burn, although some of the buildings inside would. In fact, the last fire on the Eiffel Tower was a kitchen fire in a restaurant. But the Tower has never before been on fire like this.

The jihadi who was shot down by police has been identified as a 31-year-old Tunisian Muslim named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. What angers me most today is the media's attempt to portray him as a simple criminal. That's pretty much based on an interview with his Muslim cousin, who of course claimed that Bouhlel was 'not a Muslim' because he 'ate pork, drank alcohol and those are forbidden by Islam' according to the Daily Mail's account.

The 9/11 hijackers also ate pork, drank alcohol and frequently visited strip clubs, if you remember.  That's allowed if you are on a jihad for Allah and need cover. So is  lying to infidels is to advance Islam. To quote Mohammed himself numerous times in the Qu'ran and hadiths, 'War is deception.'

And as we also know, the back of the truck was filled with fully automatic weapons, explosives and hand grenades. Items like that aren't obtainable by a simple, inexperienced loan wolf criminal, especially not in France. Speculation on my part, but I think Bouhlel's mission (and that of his partner if he had one) was a replica of Paris; murder as many people as possible on the Promenade and then proceed to a targeted building like a club or restaurant where other jihadis were waiting, take it over, wire it with explosives to prevent a police or special forces assault  and either trade the hostages for imprisoned jihadis or just simply kill off those inside.

If I'm right, than it's likely Bouhlel failed to make it to the rendezvous point because one or more of the police bullets disabled his truck, and he exited to murder a few more infidels before he was gunned down. In any event, there's no way he was some kind of lone wolf ne'er do well who simply snapped. Too much planning and preparation went into this, and too many guns and equipment were on site for one unassisted wack job to obtain on his own without a network of experienced jihadis involved. *

Bouhlel himself was allowed into France courtesy of a resident permit by France's Socialist Hollande government. And even though he committed several felonies and was on the police radar, deportation from France was never even considered. Comment typique!

Speaking of which, France's President François Hollande confirmed this was a terrorist attack in his statement. “We will continue to hit those who threaten us,” Hollande said. The attacker, he said, acted “with the intention to kill, to crush and to massacre.”

“It is clear that we must do everything we can to fight against this scourge of terrorism.”

'Everything we can' apparently consists of extending a state of emergency another three months and -wait for it - and calling up France's 'operational reservists' which includes quite a large number of totally untrained civilians for increased border control. Monsieur Le President apparently would rather not have people think too much about the fact that this jihadi didn't cross the border. He was allowed into France openly and knowingly by Hollande's government, along with a lot of others just like him.

This buffoon still thinks he's 'fighting terrorism.'

The local newspaper, Nice-Matin, is also reporting that reports that the man driving the truck shouted 'Allahu Akbar' — 'Allah is greatest' — before being shot dead by police. The old war'd think that would give Hollande a clue.

I remember 9/11 quite well, and the aftermath. Do you? After the shock of seeing 3,000 of us murdered on our own soil was absorbed, Americans reacted with visceral patriotism, adrenaline and fighting spirit. The nation was united. Young men and women were enlisting in droves in our volunteer military, people were flying American flags from their cars and the their homes, and the American people were ready to be called upon to make sacrifices for victory over our murderous enemies by our president.

What we got instead was President George W. Bush telling us that Islam was a religion of peace, that we were engaged in a 'great war on terror' with a handful of fanatics, to go shopping at the mall and let the government handle it.

The mood change afterwards was palpable. While no one I remember said so openly, may of us  understood afterwards that the fix was in, especially when  the Bush Administration went back to business as usual with the Saudis which was the intent all along. And Islam? It was George W. Bush and his administration that put out the welcome mat for the Saudi and Emirates funded Muslim Brotherhood Islamist front groups and jihadi mosques. Barack Hussein Obama just revved up the process on steroids, along with seeing to it that he was able to increase the Muslim population of America as much as possible with unvetted 'refugees.'

Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Ft. Hood...those are just the beginning. The French are further along simply because they started earlier, and with more gusto.

We aren't fighting 'terrorism.' We aren't even just fighting ISIS, who are just one sector, just as Japan or Italy were just one part of the Axis powers of WWII.

We're fighting exactly what the subtitle of this site, created over a decade ago says we're fighting - The War on Jihad.

While individual Muslim may be able to live peacefully in a free society, after 1,500 years it ought to obvious that Islam itself cannot, at least not the major branches. It simply isn't in its nature to play well with others, a conclusion I have to admit I avoided for sometime because of the Muslims I know and like in my own life. But after the orgy of violence in Mumbai,  I realized I was fooling myself. The Muslims I know with two major exceptions are fairly secular, and the ones whom aren't have cherry-picked their own version of Islam to the point where they would be labeled heretics by your average Sunni or Shia. There are indeed others like them, but the momentum in Islam, and the part of it paid deference by many of our leaders  is with Islamist fascism and jihad. As the Pew Trust polls revealed, the majority of Muslims, especially in the Muslim world  understand quite well that Islam is at war with the West. We're the ones that don't.

Terrorism is merely a tactic of that war. And one reason it continues to work is because for the perpetrators and their enablers, there are no real life consequences. We're dealing with a morality alien to ours that we don't understand. Walk with me awhile on this one.

Islam is unique among the major religions  because while there are obviously Muslims who live differently, it has nothing akin to the basic religious imperative that we'd call the Golden Rule of do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.  Not when it comes to non-Muslims. So there is no ethical payback for raping them ('what thy right hand possesses'), killing them or deceiving them.

For  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, there were simply no consequences no matter how this turned out. If he escaped, he'd be a hero to those who counted most with him as a victorious jihad warrior. As a dead man, he'd be a heroic martyr savoring the carnal delights of Mohammed's Paradise. If he were taken alive, he'd merely be an inmate in a relatively humane prison environment protected and looked up to by the other Muslim prisoners, and always with the hope that another raid might produce some hostages to be swapped for his freedom.

Nothing and nobody he cared  deeply about was at risk. For him, it was a win win. That's why jihadi recruiting is so successful. A key part of stopping these attacks is to provide real world consequences for the Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlels of the world as well as their paymasters,sympathizers and enablers that make the every idea of carrying them out abhorrent, frightening  and repulsive. And without going into details for brevity's sake, there are many ways to do exactly that. Call it the modern version of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) that worked so well in the Cold War, adapted for Islam's special characteristics.

 I have a message for the people of France.

You are our oldest ally, and in our time of need you helped us gain our freedom from the tyrants who sought to oppress us. And we  repaid that blood debt with interest in the Argonne, at Belleau Wood,at Saint - Mihilel and again on the beaches of Normandy. The evidence of that repayment is still buried in your soil.

In spite of the differences that have come between us at times, that long standing bond still remains, at least where I am concerned. And it compels me to be honest.

Your republic is in grave danger. Your leadership has betrayed you, and imported massive numbers of enemies to France. Just as with Vichy, they are appeasing the Germans in their attempt to dominate Europe.

You must resist if you are to retain your freedom, your honor and even perhaps your very lives. Charles Martel, your brave ancestor who crushed the Muslim invaders at Poitiers and drove them from France's sacred would he react to your present situation? What would he say? How would he advise you?

If France is to survive, you must rally around new leadership and take your country back. And you must do it now. Your election takes place in just under a year from now. How many more attacks like Paris and Nice can you absorb before then?

Fortunately, you have at least one leader to rally around, and perhaps others. Marine Le Pen is not perfect, but she is a courageous woman who at least understands the nature of the enemy that is destroying France and other ancient states in Europe.

The time to save France is now. Do it for yourselves, for your children and for your children's children. Do it so you can once again hold your heads up proudly, and so France can remain France.

And in doing so, set a proud example for other nations.

Vive La France!

J'ai un message pour le peuple de France.

Vous êtes notre allié le plus ancien, et dans notre temps de besoin vous avez aidé à nous faire gagner notre liberté des tyrans qui cherchaient à nous opprimer. Et nous avons remboursé la dette de sang avec intérêt dans l'Argonne, à Belleau Wood, à Saint - Mihilel et encore sur les plages de Normandie. La preuve que le remboursement est toujours enterré dans votre sol.

En dépit des différences qui sont venus entre nous à certains moments, ce lien de longue date reste encore, au moins là où je suis concerné. Et il me force à être honnête.

Votre république est en grave danger. Votre leadership vous a trahi, et importé massivement des ennemis à la France. Tout comme avec Vichy, ils sont apaiser les Allemands dans leur tentative de dominer l'Europe.

Vous devez résister si vous êtes de conserver votre liberté, votre honneur et même peut-être vos vies. Charles Martel, votre courageux ancêtre qui a écrasé les envahisseurs musulmans à Poitiers et les chassa de sol sacré de la France ... comment pourrait-il réagir à votre situation actuelle? Que dirait-il? Comment pourrait-il vous conseiller?

Si la France est de survivre, vous devez rallier autour d'un nouveau leadership et prenez votre arrière-pays. Et vous devez le faire maintenant. Votre élection a lieu dans un peu moins d'un an à partir de maintenant. Combien d'attaques comme Paris et Nice pouvez-vous absorber avant?

Heureusement, vous avez au moins un chef de file à se rallier autour, et peut-être d'autres. Marine Le Pen est pas parfaite, mais elle est une femme courageuse qui, au moins comprend la nature de l'ennemi qui est en train de détruire la France et d'autres Etats anciens en Europe.

Le temps pour sauver la France est maintenant. Faites-le pour vous, pour vos enfants et pour les enfants de vos enfants. Faites-le et vous pourrez à nouveau tenir vos têtes fièrement, et ainsi la France peut rester en France.

Et, ce faisant, mettre un fier exemple pour les autres nations.

Vive la France!

* We now know that yes, there were definitely co-conspirators. This was jihad, an ISIS attack.

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