Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 19 of the war; 160 Hezbollah rockets hit northern Israel

More than 160 Hizballah rockets hit Israel July 30, as Hezbollah steps up its attacks.

The Israeli city of Kiryat Shemona took over a hundred Katyusha rockets in the attacks, setting fires all over the city and injuring 9 people. Since the war started, apartments and shops have been wrecked, factories and infrastructure damaged and almost all of the population have either been forced to flee or exist in shelters in the Galilee town..none of which you will see in the Main Stream Media.

Haifa was attacked again and is trying to recover from two weeks of constant rocket attacks.

Hezbollah has fired more than 3,500 rockets at Israel's civilians since the war began.

Oddly enough, I don't see anyone calling for humanitarian aid to help the thousands of Israelis injured, displaced or made homeless by Hezbollah's attacks on Israel.

And by the way, that's why the Lebanese town of Qana was hit...over 150 Hezbollah missiles per day were being launched out of there. Of course, unlike Hezbollah, the IDF leafletted Qana before they struck..not that it bought them any good will in the `international community'.

Hezbollah leader Sheik Nasrallah threatened to send more rockets into central Israeli cities after Afula was hit Friday night. In response Israel has reportedly deployed the joint US/ Israeli made Arrow anti-missile batteries and Patriot anti-missiles bought from the US in northern and central Israel. While not effective against the Katyushas, they may very well be able to take out Hezbolla's Iran-made Zilzal-2 long-range missiles before they reach Israeli air space.


louielouie said...

when is israel going to start fighting?
this is a war.
i have just seen on the fox website israel is going to suspend airstrikes in lebanon.
suspend airstrikes?
one of the purposes of war is to make the enemy see how horrible the consequences can be.
well, hezz, this is what you wanted.
and if there are two or three dozen more qana's tomorrow, so what?
with that said, i would not be surprised at this point for olmert to withdraw the army from south lebanon and just let hezz/ham bomb israel into oblivion.

nazar said...

Stopping airstrikes? This reminds of Johnson's on-and-off bombing campaign in 'Nam. That worked out well, didn't it?

Freedom Fighter said...


You have to remember that Israeli politics and US politics are different...Olmert has a coalition to keep together if he wants to stay in power.

A big part of that coalition are the Leftists in Labor..who are in a large measure responsible for this entire mess, in my view.

Plmert (and Peretz,the defence minister) are political apparatchnicks with no military command experience.They are reacting as politicains, not in terms of listening to the military. The IDf wanted a full scale ground offensive to take out Hezbollah once and for all.

Either it will be `postponed' to be refought another day or Olmert will decide that he is going to winthis war, come what may.

See my other post on `Ceasefire?? Or are things heating up?'

And NEVER lose sight of Iran in all this.