Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The nukes of August?

Larijani and Solana...."Get bent, infidels"

Iran continues to play the West for suckers and stall for time with meaningless `negotiations' on the incentives package presented to them by the West.

Ali Larijani, Teheran's top nuclear negotiator has basically continued a stalemate in meetings with EU appeaser-in-chief - uh ,sorry... foreign policy chief Javier Solana that the "ambiguities must be removed first in order to have serious talks."

Whoopsie! There goes another deadline..the west ws under the mistaken impression that Iran would have a definitive answer by July 11th. Guess again, infidels!

Foreign ministers from the six powers that crafted the proposal - the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany - are supposed to meet on the 11th in Paris, and were pushing for an agreement before the July 15-17 Group of Eight summit in St. Petersberg, Russia.

I don't see why they're surprised. Surpreme Leader Ayatollah Khameinei has already said that Iran has rejected the package and will keep working on its nuclear weapons program...and Ahamadinejad said that this would be a "long process" and not to expect an answer of any kind before August 22nd.

Larijani warned the United States and others against sending the matter to the Security Council for possible sanctions, calling it "the wrong way" to solve the impasse.

"It is not difficult to disrupt negotiations by making harsh comments," Larijani said.

The European Union said it was disappointed with Iran's position (awww!)and essentially called the Iranians and Larijani liars when they said there were `ambiguities' that needed to be cleared up and that the EU had failed to clear up questions on the package.

"The meeting was disappointing," Cristina Gallach, spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, said after his talks with chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

"All the questions were answered. If there were no more answers, it was because there were no more questions," she said.

It's pretty obvious to me that the attack on Israel by Iran's proxy Hamas and the turmoil created by the Iran controlled Shia militias in Iraq are designed to buy time and take the spotlight off the mullahs...until they're ready to respond.

Now, why August 22nd? Islam uses a lunar calendar, so the dates change every year. Charles Johnson at lgf mentioned that in the Islamic calender, August 22 works out to Rajab 28, the day Saladin conquered and entered Jerusalem. That got me wondering, so I did a bit more research. More to the point Rajab 28 is also the date the Imam Husayn (who started Shia Islam and who is revered as the precurser of the Hidden 12th Imam) started his journey to Karbala from Medina. And on the eve 27th of Rajab (August 21st)Mohammed allegedly ascended to heaven in the famous `night journey' from Jerusalem, which Muslims commemorate as the Lailatul Mi'raj.

Could the Mullahs be planning an attack on Israel or the US to celebrate? It's a reach, but considering the mentality of these people, not all that far.


Anonymous said...

while you connect the dots, i'll check whether iranian embassies around the globe are hiring slow typists.

Freedom Fighter said...

LOL!! BTW, did you get what I sent you?

W. said...

Thanks. This is one of those things that might have meaning or just might be coincidence or even might be a way for them to strike some temporary fear in Westerners who think too logically about these things. For those who following profiling methods and what not.

Anyway, time will tell. If something does happen, there will probably be those who criticize a lack of prep for this; and if prep were done that involved public measures then those same folks would probably be critical because "rights are being violated" or this is just more discrimination against Muslims.

Can't win with them.

Go Israel.

W. said...

By the way, forgot to say, like the blog. Will link to it.

Anonymous said...

I have reasoned and believe that Iran will conduct a limited test of a nuclear devise on or around the 22 of August

Jesse Califano

Margaret said...

Hi! Found your blog via Google. I've had a bad dream regarding August 22nd and it seems I'm not the only one. Just connecting the dots - and at this point I don't believe you are far off.


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