Monday, July 31, 2006

The Qana strike..the making of a Hezbo-wood production

As I wrote yesterday, I'm more and more convinced that the death of civilians at Qana was a Hezbo-wood production.

We know that the Israelis attacked Qana because 150 rockets per day were being shot at Israel from Qana, and that the Israelis leafletted the town telling people to leave because a strike was imminent.

We also know that Hezbollah had deliberately set up missile launchers near civilian dwellings and that they deliberately prevented civilians from leaving, using them as human shields.

The building itself collapsed collapsed a full 8 hours after the Israeli airstrike, which occurred at 1AM on July 29th. What's more, the media was called at dawn before the building collapsed and there was no rescue attempt made until after the journalists got there.

We also know that the civilian dead were almost exclusively women and children, that no wounded were brought out and that no Hezbollah fighters or equipment were unlikely occurance after an IDF airstrike on a major Hezbollah base.

Did Hezbollah remove its dead and wounded from the building and then deliberately detonate explosives to bring it down? Did they use the time gap to bring bodies from other locations who could be re-used as fresh `victims' for those cooperative photographers? Wouldn't the normal human response be to immediately flee a building that had suffered an attack of that kind...unless the civilians and particularly the children were prevented from leaving?

Smells like Hezbo-wood to me.

And it gets smellier.

EU Referendum has a superb story showing how two dead children were dragged from the rubble, their bodies deliberately covered with dust for maximum effect. And how, under the direction of a `rescue worker' who appears to be a Hezbollah fighter, they were photographed and put in different dramatic poses for hours, with the connivance of Arab journalists and photographers from AP and al-Reuters.

(Warning: these are graphic pictures of dead children being used like Hollywood prop dummies by Hezbollah and the Main Stream Media.)

Seeing these pictures, looking at the timeline provided by EU Referendum and the way the dramatic shots were set up and milked for maximum propaganda effect eliminates whatever doubt I had left that this was a deliberate propaganda ploy on Hezbollah's part. In any event, by deliberately placing their military in the midst of civilians, Hezbollah has incurred the responsibility for those deaths.

One would expect such tactics from Hezbollah.

But the Main Stream Media's willingness to unquestionably cooperate in disseminating Hezbollah propaganda, even to the extent of being a pawn in a ghoulish sham using the bodies of dead children is beyond despicable.

They appear to be perfectly ok with allowing people like Hezbollah and the Palestinians to use them as long as they continue to receive `access'. We had the spectacle a few days ago of a well known CNN correspondant admitting that his entire broadcast was stage managed by Hezbollah. Eason Jordan at the same network resigned after admitting that CNN whitewashed Saddam Hussein's atrocities so they could keep `reporting the story.'

In the Palestinian Authority, no journalist is allowed any access unless he's approved by the regime - which in practice, means that the reporters and photographers the wire services use are usually Palestinians and subject to direct retaliation if they report `wrong'.

Hezbollah are people who, like the Palestinians, have proven themselves willing to murder their own children if it means scoring in the propaganda war against the hated Jews. Moreover, they make a point of brainwashing their children about the glories of martyrdom..especially if you can take some infidels with you.

The idea of a `ceasefire' with such people is ludicrous on the face of it.


Freedom Fighter said...

The difference, Alex (not that it matters to you) is that the Nazis were deliberately targeting those women and children with the goal of exterminating them.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising happened when the fate of the Jews who had already been `relocated' became known to the Jews that were still left, and they decided to go down fighting.

The cute comparison you make between the Nazis and the IDF is despicable, racist, morally indefensible and most of all, blatantly inaccurate.

Again, not that any of that matters to you. It just kills you that the Evil Jooos can defend themselves this time, doesn't it?

Pastorius said...

Freedom Fighter,
I could be wrong, but those children don't look like they died from an explosion, or a building collapse either.

Note that they look as if they died in a Hollywood movie circa 1948; peaceful look on their face, little blood, and intact body parts.

Freedom Fighter said...

This is Hezbo-wood, Pastorius, without a doubt. Did you take a look at the pictures of the bodies of those poor little kids being used as props by Hezbollah, the AP and al-Reuters?

This was planned. And these people are unremittingly evil.

Anonymous said...

since when is it acceptable to use the SS as a source of moral relevance.
which episode of the twilght zone are we in/on today?????
my gawd man, if you can't tell the difference between an extermination/death squad and a military operation on the field of combat then there is no point in discussing this, if discussion was your point?????
i'm curious to know if alex does jury duty?
i'm also curious if alex has any more little tid-bits like that to through out here.
i can't believe someone would actually keep a quote like that in mind or saved to pull and throw out.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hezbo-licious..I like it!

Anonymous said...

good one nazar.
i went to a barbq place for lunch today and the ribs were hezbolicious!!!!

i was going to nit-pik ff on his choice of the pally production company's name.

ff called it hezbo-wood

my choice would be : hezzywood.

A Free Man said...

I was desgusted at the way the BBC et al treated this!

They didn't show the dead of London, or New York or Washington or Bali or Madrid or of the many suicide bombings in Israel, yet they happily show the dead bodies of children in Qana.

If this is not encitement, then what is?

The MSM is not only repulsive, I beleive now that they are also morally degraded, and border on evil!

Anonymous said...

It comes down to this: dead babies and children sell papers. It's wrong; it's sad; it's immoral and every human on this Earth that is worth his spit stops where he stands the second he sees an injured child. They are in it for the cash and the instant glory, not the glory of democracies and nations of higher values. Sadly...

Anonymous said...

I prefer the term "Hezbollywood" myself