Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Praying for Hummus, Getting Hamas

Woman in Haifa looking at damage to her home from Hezbollah rocket shrapnel

Germany's Der Spiegel has a fascinating piece today by an Israeli journalist who writes about his feelings on the war, peace and even Ariel Sharon:

In the 1990s, Israelis sincerely thought that peace was just around the corner. Now, the Middle East is torn apart by war. A former Israeli peace activist explains why he has laid down his olive branch and is prepared to grab for his rifle.

"Every time war footage from Lebanon flickers across the flat screen television in my apartment on the 30th floor of a high-rise in mid-town Manhattan, I am overwhelmed by a deep feeling of sadness. When I scan through the news on the Internet each morning, I'm overtaken by anger. The result is confusion: I go to sleep at night thinking I am a dove and wake up in the morning to find out I am a hawk."

Opinion: Praying for Hummus, Getting Hamas


louielouie said...

this guy sounds like a trust fund baby living in the hamptons.
i must have missed the part where he asked, "but why do they hate us?"

from the essay:
the flat screen television in my apartment on the 30th floor of a high-rise in mid-town Manhattan, yeah, that goes for 500 a month.

i did pick up on the part about the pallys building a society for themselves. an idea i have said repeatedly here.
as ff says, good luck with that.

something about this guy reminds me of something........
what is it........
what could it be........
the summer soldier and sunshine patriot.

nazar said...

Louie, why are you so tough on the guy? Ok, so he lives in a fancy Manhattan apartment, which means that he's probably done very well for himself, so why begrudge him?

I think that as long as Israel produced citizens like him, its existence is secure.

Anonymous said...

This is what this guy should do:

Go as a mercenary soldier for Israel. After he has bombed some children in Lebanon, he can relax and have two servings of hummus and tea under the shade of an apple tree in a farm which used to belong to a Palestian family and now under control of Israel.

May be he will forget about the large flat screen TV.

louielouie said...

to anony @ 8:47 pm
the only thing the pallys use their apple trees for is a place to lean their AK-47 up against while they fire missiles into israel and kill innocent children.

besides, the pallys can't/didn't grow apple trees. all they did was curse the desert. bitched/moaned and shook down the UN until they were given an apple tree that was bought from the jooos who figured out how to grow them in the desert.

if a pally got a flat screen, the only thing they would do is look for a channel with a test pattern, then use it for target practice. then shake-down the UN for another, then another, then another.

louielouie said...

there is a theme that runs through his essay.
it is not stated explicitly, but i see it.
i don't understand the "let's all get in a circle and sing kumbya(sp) mentality".

this freedom that we have in this country was not given to us.
as oxy-moronic as it sounds we beat people over the head to get it. we took it.
we have lived in peace because people don't want to get beat over the head taking it from us.
as ff always says that israel is the precursor of what is to happen here.
this guy is simply taking advantage of the blessings of liberty.
liberty is not guaranteed any of us.
the price is eternal vigilance.
this guy sounds like he has been on an 8 hour day.

i don't doubt he is/has been successful.
and if he and i met for a debate there is not a doubt in my mind who would be the winner.
there is just something about his intellectual vision of living amongst barbarians that i find......begrudging.

Freedom Fighter said...

I think what's going on here is that the guy is reflecting on his epiphany that peace with the Arabs on normal terms is impossible..because the Arabs won't have it.. at least so far.

He has learned something...give him credit.

Freedom Fighter said...

Ah yes, another anonymous'...soooo gutsy!

Why not simply accept reality? The Arabs that for the most part CHOSE to leave Israel in 1948 placed a bet on jihad succeeding against the Jews. They LOST.The Arabs who bet on the Jews and stayed won.

Kills you, doesn't it?

The so-called `Palestinians' did not exist until after 1967. They created nothing and produced only the most meager subsistance agriculture . Even at that, they had a chance to live in peace and benefit from the Jew's industry and civilization either as part of Israel or in their own country closely allied to Israel economically and politically.

Like you, they chose to choke on jealousy and resentment and to keep trying to collect on that losing bet, to their own misery.

And that, `anonymous' is nobody else's fault but theirs.

Deal with it. The `Palestinians' nedd to quit boring people with their incessant whining and quest for handouts that they have done NOTHING to earn.

nazar said...

Louie: Completely contrary. I think this guy's visions of peace, love, and Kumbaya singing were shattered by those Hezbollah rockets. He regrets it, but now he is determined to do his part.

He no longer harbors illusions of peace with the Palestinians.