Friday, November 30, 2007

Death To The `Teddy Bear' Teacher!!

Violent demonstrations have broken out in Khartoum, Sudan, with thousands of knife and axe wielding Muslims demanding death for Gillian Gibbons the 54-year-old teacher who allowed her class of seven-year-olds to name a teddy bear `Mohammed'.

She was convicted yesterday by one of the Sudan's sharia courts of `blasphemy' and `insulting religion' and missed out on the usual sentence, forty lashes and six months in prison as I predicted she would be. Instead she was sentenced to 15 days in a Sudanese jail and deportation.

Pick-up trucks drove around Khartoum blaring out messages and inciting the demonstrators..protesters chanted: "No tolerance: execution" and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad".

There were apparently a number of riot police deployed on the periphery of Martyr's Square, where the main demonstration took place, but they made no move to stop the festivities.

Again, knowing the usual pattern these people work by, I'm positive this is intended by the Sudanese government to increase the squeeze for concessions and quite possibly a ransom from the British government...perhaps a much softer line from Britain in the UN towards the ongoing genocide the Sudanese government is committing in Darfur?

Hey, it worked for Hamas with Alan Johnstone and for Iran with those British sailors, among others...why shouldn't the Sudan try it?

There's additional proof that British diplomats are still working towards getting Gibbons an `early release'. Apparently David Miliband, Britain's foreign secretary, met with the Sudanese ambassador, Omer Siddig twice yesterday, one time for over 45 minutes. While Miliband says he expressed concern at the jailing of Gibbons "in the strongest terms", I also venture to think that a certain haggling over a price was also a topic of discussion.

It's also interesting that many British Muslims have largely remained silent over the imprisonment of their fellow countryman. Which should also provide some food for thought to my readers in the UK.

15 days in jail in a hellhole like the Sudan is bad enough, but for an infidel blasphemer ( and a mere woman to boot) like Ms. Gibbons, there's a fair chance she might not make it home alive unless the Brits are prepared to come through with an appropriate baksheesh.

Another piece of news about the case that's come out is that it wasn't the students or their parents who complained about the was one of the staff at the school where Gibbons worked,Sara Khawad, an office assistant who was named as the complainant and who was the key prosecution witness.

There's not much more to say about this, except that hopefully it will be a wakeup call to westerners pushing multiculturalism.

And as for Ms. gibbons, I hope she gets home all right but she should have known what she was getting into by going to the Sudan in the first place. In a way, she was almost endorsing these barbarians by treating them as a normal society.


beatroot said...

Actually the figure is more like 'up to a thousand'....this is yet another example of rather small demos, with chanting and all that stuff, looking much worse on TV than they do in reality. Zoom out and pan around, and the whole thing looks much more isolated. And they always birn a dummy of someone. It's a ritual, by a few hot heads.

The 'teddy bear' 'cartoon outrages are for western media consumption. And they are used by the authorities to make them look good at home to key supporters. Usually these regimes are not very popular and not represenative of anything much.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Beetroot, and welcome!

I would have to say that every press accountI've read of this disagrees
with you as to the numbers...and they're there on the scene.

Please don't tell me you're excusing this barbarism as `just a few nutters' when the government is obviously backing it and allowing it.

I would also question how `unpopular' the Sudanese regime is..not that it matters all that much since it's a jihad supporting dictatorship, but I don't see massive non-support for the regime as you do in say, Pakistan...

I stand by my analysis. I think the Sudanese government is just ramping up the ransom price for the UK. Like I wrote, it worked well for Hamas and Iran, didn't it?

All Best,and have a great weekend,