Friday, November 16, 2007

One Of G-d's Small Miracles, 11/16/07

David Morris - This Week's Miracle

From time to time, I'm going to try and post items that may not have much to do with the overall theme of this site...or then again, they may everything to do with it.

This week's miracle comes from Wrexham, England, where a man who suffered a debilitating stroke has made a miraculous recovery, is back at work and is now in training - to run the London Marathon.

David Morris, 22, stunned his doctors with what they describe as a "miracle recovery" from a near fatal stroke.

David suffered bleeding in his brain from the stroke, which robbed him of movement down his right side and led to the loss of 50 per cent of his speech.

Now, just 11 months later, with 100% of his speech and most of his movement returned, he is in training for the marathon which takes place on April 13 next year.

"I have been accepted to run the London Marathon in April – I've even got my shirt already. I have been training hard and I'm hoping to do it within four hours. I am running for CLIC Sargent because they help children who are ill and I want to do something to help."

CLIC Sargent is a major British charity that aids children with cancer.

Appropriately enough, David was training for last year's marathon, until the stroke stopped him. Although apparently the setback was only temporary!

"I did actually train for it last year but I was not able to do it. I started training in August, doing 10 miles a week and I can now run 20 miles in one go - so I'm not far off."

Morris admits that his running style has changed since his illness, but it hasn't stopped him.

"It's harder to run now and I run in a weird way – not like I used to. But if I stay how I am now for life – I'd be happy."

Some people might be embittered at having a stroke at 22, or use the illness as an excuse for giving up...but David Morris obviously isn't among them.

The miracles we can create through our belief in ourselves, with G-d's grace and help are truly amazing.

Have a peaceful Sabbath.

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