Monday, November 26, 2007

UK Teacher In Sudan Faces 40 Lashes For `Blasphemy'

Yet another example of sharia's tender concern for women, this time in the Sudan.

A British Teacher faces 40 lashes after being arrested in the Sudan for `blasphemy'.

Her crime? Allowing her class of seven-year-olds at Unity School in Khartoum to name a teddy bear Mohammed as part of a lesson about animals' habitats.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was arrested on Sunday, November 25th.The British Embassy in Khartoum confirmed the arrest.

The Sudan has an Islamist regime governed by sharia law.

We'll have to see how this pans out..her MP and the British Foreign Office are apparently working on it.

Likely, since she's a foreigner, she'll be released and kicked out of the country following the receipt of a suitable amount of baksheesh in the right pockets - oh, pardon me, a `fine' in lieu of a whipping.

While I certainly hope Ms. Gibbons gets home safely, she should have thought twice about accepting a position where she would be under the thumb of these savages. They have a perfect right to practice this kind of barbarism on their home turf,and she should have been aware of it.

But hopefully, little incidents like this will awaken the British and others on what's being imported to their countries under the guise of `multiculturism'.


Anonymous said...

We have to accept the ways of everyone, including the lashes, if we want a truly multi-cultural diverse society. We can't be judgemental.

Wow .. doesn't that just make you want to scream Kumbaya !

Frankly, I expect lots of these stories because the are a great source of outrage which can never be addressed, so they can be used to embarrass anyone for not having enough outrage.

I mean, just what is Nancy Pelosi doing about this ? Did she talk to the Syrians about such things on her trip a few months back to the Middle East. Did defying the wishes of the State Department and going to Syria give her a back door to finding a comprehensive solution to this sort of problem ?

Of course not, but this is the type of useless argument that can be exploited if you vent in a targeted manner about a subject over which both you and your target have no influence. Simply, it's as easy as complaining about the weather, so expect more of these stories (which won't be targeted at Pelosi's end of Pennsylvania Ave).

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Neo,
Oh, I think they CAN be addressed, if we want to.

For starters,the US and the West in general could be much more hardline about the importation of wahabi culture into their countries..the way the Arab states are about Christianity or virtually any religion except Islam.And much more decisive when it comes to jihad teaching in the mosques and madrassahs in general.

Aside from dissing moderate Muslims,the embrace of groups like CAIR and the MPAC (which have comparatively few members but powerful patrons in the Middle East)by the current occupant of the White House sends a message to these people that just about anything they want to do is acceptable.

After all, if a country like South Africa could be targeted with boycotts, divestments and moral indignation,why not the Saudis? Or the UAE?

Anonymous said...

The Muslims don't call Islam the religion of peace and tolerance for nothing. No one is permitted any peace and there is absolutely no tolerance.