Monday, November 12, 2007

Palestinian's Erekat " We Won't Accept A Jewish Israel"

Saeb Erekat, the former right fork of Arafat's tongue and now Arafat II Mahmoud Abbas' chief negotiator reiterated his boss's comments on how the Palestinians would never accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Additionally, Erekat said, when agreements are signed, the Palestinians would demand that Israel make a commitment in writing to release all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails...including these murderers who are honorary Palestinian citizens. And they're by no means the only ones with innocent blood on their hands who the Palestinians want running loose again.

The reason the Palestinians won't accept Israel as a Jewish state is quite simple - they intend to grab whatever land and concessions they can, swamp Israel with Palestinian `refugees' and unleash another wave of terrorism on Israel civilians to drive as many Jews out as possible in order to take the country. This has been the Arab's strategy all along.

Meanwhile, Olmert is still planning to attend the Annapolis `peace' conference scheduled to take place in late November, for some odd reason. Not only that but in a statement to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Olmert reiterated that he would continue to negotiate with Abbas even if the Palestinians continue to fire rockets at southern Israel from Gaza.

In response to the prime minister's announcement, opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu said that the government was "giving everything" and in exchange was "getting terrorists."

Netanyahu said: "The Olmert government is repeating the mistakes made by the Barak government at Camp David. Then, they gave everything but all they got in return were terrorists and suicide bombers. Now, the government of Olmert, Barak and Livni is behaving in the same way."

Actually, Netanyahu has made his own mistakes when it comes to negotiating with the Palestinians - remember the farcical Wye River Accords withe Arafat? But perhaps he's learned something from the experience in the interim.

Olmert continues to remain clueless. Or, more accurately, more concerned with his own personal survival and staying out of jail than with the well being of Israel.

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