Friday, November 02, 2007

Europe, Racism And the Anti-Jihad Movement

There's a rather nasty controversy going on in the blogosphere and elsewhere. Quite simply, it concerns the anti-Jihad movement,particularly in Europe and the alliance within the movement between anti-Jihadist elements and certain parties some people characterize as `nativist' or even racist and anti-Semitic.

The question, of course, is whether the anti-Jihad movement is compromising and damaging itself by taking these parties into its coalition.

I should point out that I predicted this would happen a long time ago...which is why I advised most of Western Europe's Jews to think about leaving post haste, so as not to be caught between nativist movements on the one hand and jihadist Muslims on the other.

As distasteful as it sounds, I think that this particular train has already left the station. As much as I would like to see it, the anti-Jihadist movement is not going to oust any anti-Semites in th ranks.

In Europe, we have a situation in much of Western Europe where the indigenous white European population is being marginalized, has had their culture and heritage demonized, has had whole sections of their cities rendered virtually `off limits' and have been subjected to violence while being censored by various `hate crime' laws from even debating what's becoming of their own native lands. And this has been done with the connivance of the Leftist political establishment, which, in many of these countries, increasingly depends on Muslim votes to stay in power.

The priorities of the anti-Jihadist movement are on defeating this establishment politically - and if that happens, it will probably result in the expulsion of a large part of Europe's Muslim population. That's unlikely to be a peaceful event.

Given the times, it's a fallacy to expect anti-Jihadist Europeans to start excluding `nativist' parties or even out and out anti-Semites from their coalition. They can't afford to even if they wanted to, given the position they're already in and the struggle they know have ahead of them.

Put another way, the anti-Jihadist movement is going to be too busy dealing with what amounts to an Islamist `colonization' of parts of Europe to bother much about some of the foot soldier's peculiar views on the Jews or Muslims, for that matter. The first rule of coalitions is that you find broad areas of agreement and finesse the differences.

And to be blunt honest about it, when it comes to the anti-Semitism, many Europeans could care less. Virulent Jew hatred, often camouflaged as `anti-Zionism' has become so common in countries like Britain, Spain, Norway, Sweden and France that it hardly even merits a mention anymore.

On the Left, of course, tolerance for hate speech in mosques and open Islamic expressions of Jew hatred are a given. Did any major political figure, for example, castigate the Muslim Council of Britain for calling for the UK to abolish Holocaust Remembrance Day? And the EU's own report on anti-Semitic attacks in Europe was whitewashed and `rewritten' to downplay the endemic street attacks on Jews by Muslims and the almost routine desecration and destruction of Jewish religious sites as vandalism and routine street crime.

On the right, while many of the players don't consider themselves anti-Semitic, at this point they're not going to risk a rupture with the groups that are, especially over the Jews, the Eternal Strangers. The time for Europeans to start weeding out the Jew haters in their midst came and went a long time ago, and the virus is so deep seated by now that it's almost endemic.

I also think that it's worthwhile considering the nature of what `nativism' actually is.

The essence of multiculturalism, after all, is that all cultures are equal. And taken to it's furthest extremes, especially in academia, that western culture is in fact `inferior' and that so-called `white people' are inherently racist in nature.

Think I'm exaggerating? In Europe and here in our own United States, we have the Orwellian specter of forced `diversity training' and `whiteness studies' designed to indoctrinate white people into exactly that mode.

At the University of Delaware, University of Delaware, a publicly funded institution, students are required to undergo indoctrination at what amounts to ideological `re-education' classes in multiculturalism, white racism,sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy, and environmentalism.

No American university has a `caucasian studies' program, yet ethnic studies programs for almost every other ethnic group abound. What we have instead is `whiteness studies' designed to promulgate the notion that all whites are inherently racist and the beneficiaries of `white skin privilege' to quote one fatuous tome on the subject.

In Britain, teachers were ordered to dress up as Muslims to promote multiculturalism, and there have been incidents where non-Muslim school children in both the UK and America have been forced to play at being `Muslims', with girls dressing in the oppressive burkas, children writing essays on jihad,and children `pretending' to say Muslim prayers and the shehada, the Muslim pillars of faith recited by reverts. School textbooks abound with chapters on the glorious achievements of Islam while shortchanging the western civilization we've inherited thathas provided more freedom and a better life for the common man than any other culture on the face of the earth.

The core of multiculturalism is in fact that western civilization and that its Judeo-Christian-Hellenic basis is inferior...particularly when it comes to Islam, the only religion apparently worthy of respect in public schools.

What is this if not racism? And why shouldn't the majority populations in the west insist of respect for their culture and the right to promulgate and preserve it from what amounts to an attack? I neither consider such efforts to be xenophobic, racist or anti-Semitic...up until the point where people are targeted with concrete actions specifically for their race, religion or nationality, rather than their individual actions.

All people may be equally worthy of respect, but all cultures aren't, frankly. And the native populations of the west have the right and the duty to protect and pass on their cultures to their posterity without `patriotism' or `nativism' becoming dirty words.

They also have the right to insist that immigrants to their countries, attracted by the freedom and prosperity western civilization affords respect the majority culture and assimilate to a degree.

Oddly enough, the Jews, with a history of being attacked as the Eternal Stranger, the Other, provide a perfect example of how people can practice their own culture while respecting the majority culture of the countries they've lived in. And while it hasn't helped the Jews overly much in most of Europe for a variety of reasons, it's been a successful model in places like America and Australia, among others.

I doubt that this has occurred to many people, but if more Muslims followed that model, and if Islam in general `played nicely with others' without insisting on its inherent superiority, none of this would even be an issue.

As regular members of Joshua's Army know,I have no sympathy whatsoever for racists. But I also think we need to be very careful in applying that label. And especially now, when unity is the face of an ongoing struggle is imperative.


beatroot said...

In Europe, we have a situation in much of Western Europe where the indigenous white European population is being marginalized, has had their culture and heritage demonized, has had whole sections of their cities rendered virtually `off limits' and have been subjected to violence while being censored by various `hate crime' laws from even debating what's becoming of their own native lands.

No they have not.

The interesting word in the first sentence is ‘white’. ‘White’ is not a political or ethnic nor cultural catagory, and I puzzle at the inclusion of that word in political discourse.

The colour of someone’s skin cannot ‘marginalize’ anyone’s culture; cannot ‘demonize’ someone else’s culture; cannot impose an area ‘off limits’.

So why use the word ‘white’? Unless....

Ivan The Yid From Bradford - West Yorks - UK said...

FF to say I am amazed by parts of this posting is an understatement. I agree with your main comments about the problems anti-jihadist groups on both the political left and right are having with opposing Islamic extremism and that some of them in some parts of Europe are becoming nationalist in the sense of being both anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic. The comment that you get to hear on occasions is 'Well they both come from the middle East. They can take all their problems back to the middle East with them and stop wrecking our country'. Anti-semitism in Europe is rising. In Britain the situation is different. Anti-semitism from Muslim organisations and from the political left is rising. If you want an excellent report on the new anti-semitism from the political left, from Muslim organisations and from our beloved multi-cultural government 'Littlejohn' wrote an excellent article in The Daily Mail newspaper the other week and also narrated a documentary on the same subject on Channel 4 TV. Where I disagree with you is that anti-semitism from the political right in the UK is now very rare. The main right wing party is the BNP (British National Party). The Party gets Councillors elected regularly now - two of them in Bradford where I live. Jews are respected as examples of model immigrants who have obeyed British law, worked hard, integrated into the community and not expected special treatment. The right wing parties respect Israel as a country which has had its own problems with Muslim neighbouring countries and faced them down. During the Lebanon invasion a senior BNP officer put a posting on their web site saying BNP ought to support Israel as Israel was an excellent example of a nationalist country under attack from Muslim terrorist groups and responding to those attacks. I regularly speak with BNP members none of whom I have found to be anti-Semitic. One of their councillors in Southern England Cllr Mrs P Richardson is Jewish. Hardly a stereotype anti-Semitic right wing party !!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Guys,
Yeah, I knew the fit would hit the shan on this one..which is why I deliberately avoiding naming any specific party or group as `racist' or `nativist', so as not to put anyone in the position of having to defend their particular party.

Beatroot You're correct in saying that `white' is not an ethnic or cultural category, and if you read, you'll see that I talk about national cultures, not racial ones.

I disagree with you that `white' is not a POLITICAL category, and it is seen that way by the Left and by Islamists, as something to be subordinated and defeated. Click on the links to the U of Delaware `re-education' and I think you'll see what I mean.

And that `political' characterization is in fact being used to marginalize the native European cultures.If you wish to include non-Muslim blacks and Asians in that category as part of the native European culture,fine, I accept the correction.

Likewise, as to whole sections of various European cities becoming essentially off limits to non-Muslim Europeans. Go to the banlieus outside in Paris, (AKA `La Zone'), or a good chunk of Malmo or Brussels, as well as a number of other areas and I think the locals and the police might tell you something different.

I don't defend racists. I merely state that it's unlikely that the anti-Jihad movement is going to boot them out of its coalition just now.

Hello Ivan
The entire point of this article was to discuss the fact that a coalition with anti-Jihad forces and so -called nativist parties is inevitable,and I saw it coming a long time ago.

I deliberately didn't mention the BNP, although some of the comments made by its members are, well..a little peculiar when it comes to the `Jewish question'. I certainly wouldn't single them out.

And I would agree that in Britain, the vast amount of racism and anti-Semitism comes from the Left, as it does here in America.

But talking about Europe as a whole, I think my remarks are spot on for a whole bunch of countries.

Oddly enough, I doubt Germany will be one of them, simply because they've gone down that road with the Jews before and have seen where it leads.

Thanks to both of you for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

How exactly is the left racist and anti-semitic? This accusation strikes me as extremely odd and a good example of double-think. First of all, not supporting Israel doesn't always amount to anti-semitism, and I just don't see how the left is racist, especially seeing how it was responsible for much of the civil rights movement.

Anonymous said...

Joshua pundit is a homophobic, zenophoic closeted right-wing faggot who's so sexually repressed that he can only emotionally relate to power-mad monkey people, obsessed with rigidly regimented, primal hierarchies such as his whackjob "watcher" circle-jerk club.

--Thomas Pain in UR arse

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
How are you?

First off, remember that this article is about Europe, not the United States.

But since you ask me, yes, there is a deepseated anti-Semitism in much of the Angry Left in this country as well as in Europe. Go on Daily Kos sometimes and read the diaries.Or observe how Jew haters like Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan,Ward Churchill and Jimmy Carter ( among a slew of others) are icons to the Angry Left.

That's not a new phenomenon, BTW. Nazism was largely an ideology of the Left, melded with nationalism. The Nazi's red flag with the ancient Aryan symbol of the swastika was a perfect representation.

As far as support for Israel goes, only an idiot uncritically supports any nation's doings, including our beloved Republic. But generally speaking, scratch an `anti-Zionist' or someone intensely critical of Israel who holds that country to standards no other nation is held to and you find a Jew hater without much difficulty.

Some of this sentiment, believe it or not is unconscious, just as a lot of people had unconscious racism towards blacks based on various stereotypes in the past without realizing that their ideas were inherently racist.

When someone piles on Israel, what they are essentially doing is attempting to deny the Jews the right to self-determination in their own country. That right, as history has proven, is particularly a matter of life and death for Jews, so yeah, as far as I'm concerned someone who is highly and unfairly critical of Israel is a Jew hater, even if they happen to have been originally born a Jew, like Leftist icon Noam Chomsky.

Every group, after all, has it's self -seeking quislings.

I hope this answers your question, my friend.


Pete North said...

The left was racist about Iraq, with the whole, "arabs don't understand democracy" line. Even though 80% plus voted for democracy.

The left also love to hate white natives because they do horrible things like vote for nativist parties.