Friday, November 16, 2007

"England Expects That Every `Zionist ' Will Do His Duty...."

Israeli star Gal Alberman

This is a special for my readers on the other side of the pond.

The Brits are finally supporting Israel and cheering for an Israeli victory....on the football field.

Israel is squaring off against Russia in a match that will probably decide whether England qualifies for the Euro `08 championships. The Brits are praying that the pesky `Zionists' manage to tie or beat Russia. If the Israelis hold up their end in the game Saturday night, England has another shot with its final qualifier, at home against Croatia, on Wednesday.

If Russia wins, England's hopes of qualifying are dead in the water, and England's much maligned manager Steve McClaren will have the wonderful experience of being subjected to the tender mercies of a frustrated and angry 90,000-capacity crowd of British football hooligans cursing his name for the whole 90 minutes next Wednesday in a meaningless game.

If I were McClaren, I'd be buttonholing every Rabbi he can get his hands on between now and game time to pray for the Israelis during the Jewish Sabbath!


Anonymous said...

Israel should and probably will lose this game.
If we can win, why should we?
What did England do for Israel?
Trying to Boycott Israeli Universities?
Royal Family not visiting Israel?

What do we owe to England?


Freedom Fighter said...

Mah na meem Shimson,
I agree with you entirely, hence the sarcastic title.

But I'd like to see Israel win...not for England, but for themselves.


Tony said...

It is very important when you talk about football ( the proper thing, not that gridiron version of forward passing rugby you play in the colonies :-D ) that you do not interchange "British" and "English". Only our ignorant Government does that.

Of the "British" teams, Scotland have failed to qualify for the European Championships after losing to a late goal against Italy. Cue the jocks in frocks pryaing for a Croatia win on Wednesday. England only need a draw against Croatia to qualify, thanks to Israel's late winner over Russia.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Tony,
(BTW, for an interesting take on English life, politics and issues, check out Tony's fine site, The Waendel Journal.)

Yeah, it seems like the `Zionists' came through for Old England again.
I bet Hiddink was hopping mad!

Having played both soccer (I was a fullback, and it was one of my school letter sports) as well as American football, this piddlin' colonial will still give pride of place to Aussie rules football as the most exciting of the bunch.

All Best,