Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Idea Of Living In Peace With Israel Doesn't Play Well At Home

Demonstrating how few Palestinians Mahmoud Abbas really speaks for, there were widespread protests in the Palestinian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria today in protests against Mahmoud Abbas appearing at the Annapolis summit.

One person was killed as police violently broke up anti-Abbas demonstrations in Ramallah, Hebron, and Nablus. Abbas had banned rallies against the Annapolis meeting, because the last thing he wanted the world to see was any dissension while he was in the US posing as the official leader of the Palestinians.

In Gaza, of course, there were massive anti-Annapolis rallies sponsored by Hamas, who've already let it be known that they won't be bound by any agreements Abbas might make with Israel.

The above clip, from British TV illustrates this quite nicely.

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