Friday, November 09, 2007

Jew Hatred In Islam

One of the great myths that gets repeated time and again is that Jews `lived peacefully under Islam' until the advent of Israel. The reality is that except for a few brief interludes, they lived less much `peacefully' then American blacks in the old Jim Crow South, and under similar conditions of oppression.

These attitudes date from the very beginnings of Islam and are enshrined in the Qu'ran and the Hadiths. Mohammed, after all, began his career by plundering, enslaving and murdering the Jews of Medina, who made the mistake of taking him in after he was forced to flee Mecca in the Hejira. He then proceeded to ethnically cleanse all of Arabia of Jews, as Max Dimont relates in `Jews, G-d and History'.

In a superb article in American Thinker, scholar Andrew G. Bostom has a fine article tracing Islamic hatred of Jews back to its roots, showing the connections with Islam's sacred texts and how they were put into practice,and more importantly, showing its convergence with European antisemitism and jihad.

A Joshua's Army Must Read.

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