Monday, May 18, 2009

Israel To Build A New Community in The Jordan Valley

I had to chuckle at this one...on the same day Bibi Netanyahu meets with Barack Obama, Israel announces a brand new community is going to be built at Maskiot, the first one in the Jordan Valley in 26 years!

A tender was issued recently to build 20 new residential units, and according to the report, construction was due to commence immediately.

An adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the move at Maskiot proved Israel was tightening its hold on the West Bank.

"With the decision coming while Netanyahu is visiting Washington, only one message comes out of this visit: Israel will continue its old policy and will not abide by the international will and give the Palestinians their national rights," Sabri Saidam said.

Located behind a hill and off of a rural road, Maskiot housed only a small Orthodox pre-military academy until the arrival of the Shirat Hayam families, the first of whom came early in 2007 and settled in two empty structures belonging to the school. Although the site has been designated as a settlement since the mid-1980s, it has only been used for educational purposes and no permanent community had ever been established there.

Most of the first residents will be families uprooted from Shirat Hayam in Gaza, who have been living in trailers ever since.

There's an untranslatable Hebrew word 'davka' that loosely means 'in spite of ', or in modern Hebrew parlance "in your face". I think we have an example here. And maybe an indication that Bibi Netanyahu is going to Washington with a pretty strong hand, as I surmised...


B.Poster said...

God bless the settlers. May the Lord bless and keep them in their new homes. May His grace and mercy shine upon them. We pray blessings for the setlers in their land and their homes. May they be fruitful and prosperous in all they do!! Amen

highlander said...

I love it! You go, Bibi!

B.Poster said...

Didn't our ancestors tame a wilderness once upon a time and build a thriving civilization where none had been before. Not only did they build a thriving civilization they built the greatest civilization that has every existed. As I understand it, a few, perhaps even a large number of natives were displaced in the process.

What did our ancestors call this? As I recall they called it "manifest destiny" or something to this effect.

Now Israel has built a thriving civilization out of a desert that far exceeds anything the Arabs have ever accomplished. In the process of building this great civilization, a large number of Arabs have tried to destroy Israel and the Jewsih people. They were punished for their aggression. In order to mitigate the attacks, Israel siezed the land that the settlements are being built on.

The ancestors of the people who built America would no doubt do the same. If attacks were being launched into America from Mexican border towns and killing Americans and in general terrorizing their citizens, I can assure the American military would sieze the installations that were being used to attack America and we would NOT return those areas to Mexico until we were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that these areas could not be used to attack America ever again. In fact, there is a good chance we would never give these areas back to Mexico.

It seems a bit hypocritical to me that the ancestors of the people who built America, the greatest civilization in world history, are now demanding that Israel who is building and has built a great civilization return lands taken from the Arabs.

I'm NOT saying America should return land to the Indians but it seems a bit odd that American leaders would lecture Israelis on "settlements" that are being built on land that was taken from someone else when Americans are building and have built "settlements" on land taken from someone else. In fact, it not only seems odd. It seems hypocritical.

The descendents of the people who built America are hypocrites. They can't use "I didn't know what happened to the American Indians" as an excuse. Every school child, high school student, and college student has been taught about how the American Indians were treated. Perhaps they do not know that their government is being hypocritical towards Israel. This may be a good reason, as to why Americans are not speaking about how unfairly Israel is being treated. After all, the media tells us constantly how the United States "unconditionally supports Israel." This is a bold faced lie.

Again, I'm not saying the descendents of the people who founded America should vacate the land we now know as the United States of America and give it back to the Indians. Frankly, the founders of America have been better stewards of the land and its blessings than the Indians ever were. The founders of America and their descendents built the greatest, most prosperous, and freest nation the world has ever known. If the latest descendents of the people who founded America, continue to squander the blessings they were bequeathed, God may seek fit to uproot them from the land of America and give it to someone else who will be better stewards of the land and its resources!!

In summary, it is hypocritical for Americans to tell Israelis to abandon settlements on so called Arab land when they are making no effort to abandon settlements on so called Indian land. In my considered opinion, there is nothing worse than a hypocrite!!