Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pope Calls For Palestinian State, Criticizes Israel's Security Barrier

Pope Benedict continued his dhimmitude and appeasement today, posing for Fatah created photo-ops in Bethlehem, calling for a second Arab Palestinian state and criticizing Israel's security barrier, saying "it is tragic to see walls still being erected...I I have seen, adjoining the camp and overshadowing much of Bethlehem, the wall that intrudes into your territories, separating neighbours and dividing families."

While he called for Palestinians to avoid the temptation for violence, he hypocritically neglected to mention that the security barrier was built precisely to prevent that very thing at the hands of the Palestinians.

I was prepared to give Benedict a pass on his lackluster remarks at Vad Yashem yesterday - after all, everyone knows that only Muslims merit apologies from the Vatican and this Pope, not Jews, and I expected nothing else from him.

But Pope Benedict knew full well to whom he was speaking to today, in a place where Palestinian Muslims have driven out Christians en masse, and established a government based on sharia law that holds the few remaining Christians in contempt. In an even more monstrous irony,Benedict praised Fatah capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas and promised him support in creating that state...overlooking the fact that Abbas was Arafat's second in command during the period when Palestinian Christians were driven out, and the Church of the Natrivity, exactly where Benedict was standing, was invaded by Arafat's thugs...

Whatever personal feelings he claims to have about Jews, Benedict has firmly aligned himself with Israel enemies - and with the enemies of the Church he claims to represent.

Such an attitude merits nothing but contempt.


(A bit of fact checking...the first story linked to in this piece is from the British Telegraph and, as you might expect contains a number of errors and shadings of the truth.

Israels' security barrier was not 'deemed illegal in international law', but the subject of a highly controversial verdict by the International Court of Justice that Israel does not recognize ( neither does the US) and allowed no witnesses to appear on Israel's behalf; second, the wall was not completed 'on the grounds it deters suicide bombings and other security threats'. In fact it has, and any idiot comparing the amount of homicide bombings now as opposed to before the wall's completion ought to be honest enough to admit the fact - but then, this is the Brit press.

Third, there's no evidence whatsoever that the denizens of the Aida refugee camp where this photo-op was held are 'Palestinian families driven from their homes through the creation of Israel in the second half of the 20th century'.Many Arabs chose to leave Israel voluntarily, either to get out of a war zone created by themsleves and their Arab 'brothers'when they attempted to destroy Israel, or at the express instructions of the leaders. The radio transcripts from Radio Cairo and Radio Amman urging civilians to leave so that the Arab armies could enjoy an unimpeded massacre of the Jews still exist. For that matter, according to Jordanian law anyone residing in the West Bank 'who is not a Jew' was a Jordanian citizen - which led to the bizarre situation of citizens of a sovereign nation being coinsidered' refugees' on the UN's tab! And finally, a number of indigent Arabs claimed refugee status after 1948 in order to get free food and lodging - something even the head of UNRWA admited at time.

I suspect, as usual, this had to be cleared with Fatah before it was printed. Selah)

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