Thursday, March 28, 2013

Israeli Filmmaker Beaten Unconscious By Arab 'Youths' At French Film Festival


Israeli film director Yariv Horowitz was attending the Aubagne Film Festival in France where his movie "Rock The Casbah" was entered when he was assaulted by a group of Arab youths and beaten unconscious just before his film won the Best Picture award.

Horowitz was treated at the festival and recovered in time to receive his award. Israeli singer and musician Assaf Amdursky also received an award for a movie he wrote music.

This was a particularly brazen assault, and a sign of why French Jews, once the largest Jewish community in Europe are now leaving.

Few of those who are left allow their children to attend public schools any more because of the danger of violence and assault, Jewish synagogues and community centers are under heavy guard and very few Jews appear on the streets wearing clothing or jewelry that identifies them as Jews.

Those French who choose to ignore what's happening ought to wonder...what happens when les Juifs are gone and the Muslims they imported seek new targets?

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