Wednesday, March 13, 2013

President Not Me: 'I Had Nothing To Do With Stopping Those White House Tours' bowdlerize Prissy's famous quote in "Gone With The Wind"...'I don't know nuthin' about cancelling no White House tours!'

You see, it wasn't our president having a major hissy fit and making the American people suffer for his own dark political purposes because Congress wouldn't raise his credit card limit again.Just like with turning loose all those illegal aliens, it was some underling.

President Obama said his administration was looking at ways to resume White House tours for school groups.

“This was not a decision that went up to the White House,” noted Obama in an ABC News interview aired on Wednesday, saying the directive came from the Secret Service.

“What I’m asking them is: are there ways, for example, for us to accommodate school groups who may have traveled here with some bake sales? Can we make sure that kids potentially can still come to tour?” Obama added.

The president said that the Secret Service had faced a difficult decision over whether to suspend the tours after sequester cuts took effect.

“What the Secret Service explained to us was that they were going to furlough some folks,” said Obama. “What furloughs mean is people are going to lose a day of work and a day of pay, and the question for them is how deeply do they have to furlough their staff and is it worth it to make sure that we got White House tours if it means you have a whole bunch of families who are depending on a paycheck who are suddenly seeing a 5 or 10 percent reduction in their pay?”

The decision to shut down the White House tours has drawn criticism from GOP lawmakers who said it was a political maneuver to rally public support for Obama’s stance in the debate over the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts that hit the federal government earlier this month. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the Capitol would remain open for tours despite cuts, and has made a point of meeting with visiting groups.

Who exactly is this president trying to con, anyway? Does he think we're all stupid?Is simply announcing that the tours will continue and maybe cutting back on his and the First Lady's lavish separate vacations or furloughing some of their inflated personal staffs instead beyond President Obama's pay grade? How much of the taxpayer's money is going to be wasted on the First Lady's birthday party? Could the president maybe play a little less golf, or cut back a bit on the $100 per pound wagyu steak he likes so much?

He.Is.The.President. What exactly is he getting paid for, anyway?

What irritates me more than anything is the way the press handles this. They will absolutely not report anything remotely critical of this president, will never write anything without manufacturing plausible deniability for him and shielding him from any blame for anything.Six trillion in debt, Keystone, Solyndra,Benghazi, Fast and absolutely doesn't matter to these folks.

Is it any wonder he never takes the blame for anything that happens? Would anyone put up with this behavior in their own home from anyone above age seven?

When my kids were very small and there was a mishap that no one wanted to admit to, it was always credited to Not Me.

That's what we have now. President Not Me.

I know I have readers on the Left who voted for President Obama. Forget, for a moment if you can, the agenda, the politics, everything else. Just ask yourself these questions: do you really admire how President Obama behaves on a human level? Do you find it admirable the way he never takes responsibility for anything? Would you put up with it from a family member, a spouse, an employee, a co-worker or a friend?

Update; This gets e4ven more putrid as it goes on. Now Jay Carney is contradicting the president, saying that yes, the White House did cancel the tours. I have to believe Carney has a shower built into his office to cleanse himself after these affairs.

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