Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama Compares Israel-Palestine Conflict to Disagreements Between U.S. and Canada

This clip is from President Obama's news conference.

Huh? What?

Simply unbelievable.


UCSPanther said...

The last two times that Canada and the US swapped lead were in the 1800s, once in 1812, and once after the Civil War when a pack of Irish American war veterans known as the Fenians attempted to invade Canada in revenge against the British for their families' treatment in Ireland.

It's been peaceful since.

louielouie said...

he also put unleaded in a diesel.
then rode in on a donkey.

Anonymous said...

The 1st time the 2 great N American countries fought was during the American Revolution : the then-colonies ( in 1775 ) launched a number of attacks against Canada. As UCSPanther notes, there was the unprovoked attack against Canada during the Napoleonic War ( York --now Toronto--, the capital city, was burnt, including her parliament AND private buildings, & the Canadians, enraged, in return, burnt the White House & the Capitol building in Washington, DC, the American capital, with their British allies' help & aid --but not private property ). & The Fenians, as noted by USCPanther, supra.

But I wanted to jump as swiftly as possible to what might be the final fatality in US-Canadian relations : a pig ! In 1859, a pig belonging to an Irishman working for the famed Hudson's Bay Company started rooting in an American's potato patch in the disputed San Juan Island. The American shot & killed the pig. ( Please do watch the slide-show presentation at the English Camp barracks there . ) A truce, fortunately, was called by cooler heads & a joint occupation ensued. Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany was mutually agreed as the arbitrator, & he, after referring this matter to a 3-man commission in Geneva, ruled for the US. ( A fascinating visit, was last there in the 1990s ; do visit Bell Point & Young Hill ).