Thursday, March 07, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Enabler Brennan Confirmed As CIA Director

Well, the trifecta is now complete. Kerry at State, Hagel running the Defense department, and Islamist enabler John Brennan heading our CIA.

All of them have the following in common with our president; all of them heart Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of them agree with President Obama about creating 'distance' between the U.S. and Israel to curry favor with Islamists, they all like the idea of engaging with Hezbollah and Hamas and none of them particularly consider a nuclear Iran a problem, all statements to the contrary.

It's a recipe for disaster.

I've already had a lot to say about Brennan here and here, but terrorism experts Steven Emerson and John Rossomando have an excellent rundown on Brennan here that's a worthy read.

Brennan was easily confirmed 63 - 34, and there are some surprising names on both the yeas and the nays lists.

I hope that every one of the Senators who voted to confirm these men is fully prepared to be accountable for what follows.


i love pamela gellar said...

You forgot to mention that Brennan is a convert to Islam.

Totally true and not made up at all!

louielouie said...

coburn has gone over to the dark side.