Thursday, October 03, 2013

California's Governor Brown Signs Off On Driver's Licenses For Illegal Aliens

As expected, California's Governor Jerry Brown has signed the bill passed by the Democrat-dominated state legislature to allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses.

“The governor’s signature on AB60 opens a window of opportunity unfairly closed shut to millions of Californians in 1993,” said Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. “The state Legislature and the governor recognize a driver’s license makes our roads safer and offers a practical tool any Californian, regardless of immigration status, can use to conduct everyday tasks that greatly contribute to our state’s growth.”

Well, in the first place, they aren't 'Californians' in the sense that they are legal residents of the state who are legally supposed to be here. Nor is it going to make the roads safer, since a large number of the illegal aliens working under the table as busboys, construction workers or gardener are no more likely to spend money buying insurance for the kind of vehicles they drive than they were before.

As a matter of fact, signing this bill into law shows an almost criminal disregard for public safety.

The new law allows illegal aliens to get a driver's license using any 'form of identification approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles.' In real life,  that means Mexican Matricula Consular cards, which as everyone in California knows are a joke. They're easily forged or duplicated, or they  can be obtained at any of the numerous Mexican consulates in California over the counter or under the table if you know where to go. If you pay the fee (or the bribe, if necessary), the consulate officials will issue one to almost anyone who applies, under whatever name you like.

Once someone obtains one, they can be used as ID to open bank accounts, mail drops, rent storage facilities, PO boxes, obtain welfare and medical benefits and a host of other services...even if your real name is Ahmed or Hassan rather than Armando or Jorge. Now,thanks to Governor Brown and his fellow Democrats, they can be used to obtain fully legal driver's licenses as well. It's a terrorist or criminal's dream come true.

Of course public safety is the last thing on these politician's minds. For them, this is entirely about cementing their political control of the state.

Bill Clinton's motor voter registration bill of 1993 allows anyone applying for a driver's license to register to vote by simply checking a box.Since California has no voter ID law and is unlikely to ever have one as long as Democrats dominate the legislature and the governor's mansion, it's also going to allow illegal aliens to vote, legalizing the illegal migrant voting that's been going on for years.

The Democrats have just established a new pool of easily manipulated voters to keep them in power, especially since the Democrats already successfully gamed what was supposed to be a non-partisan redistricting process.

Amnestia in California has already happened. The state doesn't enforce most of immigration laws anyway, and hasn't for some time. It really doesn't make any sense in California to be a U.S. citizen or to go to the bother to immigrate legally any more. There's no benefit to doing so. Which is exactly how California's elites want it, with a built in majority of low information voters and a reliable stream of low wage, low skilled labor continuing to pour across the border.

At least until they run out of other people's money to bribe them with.

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