Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hilarious! ObamaLie Supermix "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It"

Heh! A supermix of clips from the prognosticator-in-chief.

H/t Snoopy at Simply Jews

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B.Poster said...

Assuming the nation actually survives to have another presidential election, a non sure proposition to be sure, it's hard to imagine Republicans not using the "if you like your plan, you can keep it line" against the Democrats. Furthermore I'd expect Congressional Republicans to use this as well in Congressional elections coming up.

The Obama spin has already started. The claim is ObamaCare has failed or is failing because Republicans have tried to undermine the implementation. This is a flawed argument on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin. Just for starters. 1.)Congressional Republicans never had the power to affect implementation. Team Obama could easily get around this by executive order. 2.)The states with Republican governors won't set up exchanges. Easily gotten around. Simply block all federal funds to them until they comply via executive order if necessary.

I don't envision many people I interact with on a daily basis falling for such obvious non sense as blaming Republicans for the failure based upon blocking funds for implementation but there are a number of low information voters out there. It may just work.

At the end of the rainbow so to speak for every liberal/leftist critic of ObamaCare there is the pitch for single payer health care. The assumption being that Republicans are trying to prevent people from getting health care.

In actuality the reason the Republicans opposed the bill had nothing to do with stopping single payer health care. the reasons were they did not know what was in the bill and they shut out of the process of designing the bill. It's unwise to rush through and pass something where you don't know what's in it and you had no hand in designing. What am I signing here?!!?

Once it became known what was in the bill, it became clear that it was not going to address the primary problem with health care in America. The main problem is the exorbitant cost NOT lack of coverage. While lack of coverage is not an insignificant problem it pales in comparison to the main problem which is the cost. This bill does nothing to address that and makes the problem worse!! All the more reason to solidify opposition to the bill. Of course describing prudent governance on the part of Republicans as "obstructionist" is catchy and many of the low information voters out there may just buy it. We'll see.

If single payer health care truly is the goal, the intermediate step of ACA is unnecessary. Involve the Republicans and pick enough of them off to pass the bill and avoid a filibuster. That formula has never proven a challenge for Democrats before. Also, with so many people willing to accept a single payer health system even before 2010 such an approach should have been easily implementable.

If the Republicans have ready a single payer health care system of their own drafted and ready to go after the failure of ObamaCare they can likely avoid some of the criticism of "obstructionism" when it is leveled at them.

I suspect the Republican leadership already has the outline of such a system ready and this is why they so bitterly opposed the actions of Mr. Cruz and other "tea party" types. They like single payer. They just don't like ObamaCare.

We will likely end up with socialized medicine. Just the Democrats or team Obama won't be able to have any thing to do with it. Maybe they really want this so bad they were willing to sacrifice their own political careers and possibly even their freedom from jail to get this done.

Single payer health care has been a lifelong dream of many leftists/liberals. Will they now switch to opposing it when the Republicans bring it to us? If this were not so serious, it would probably be fun watching them tie themselves up in knots on this. None of this is to suggest that I think a single payer system is good. I think it likely would not work.